Business Strategies for Environmental Sustainability

Business strategies that promote environmental sustainability can also save money since these implementations tend to focus on reducing waste (which means using less) and reusing components (which means ordering new components less often). At the onset of putting business strategies into effect that are intended to promote environmental sustainability, it’s a good idea to make sure everyone in your company or business is on board. Post flyers, mention it in passing, and perhaps hold a meeting to discuss how important these implementations are. Less waste is more money, higher profit, and could end up as bonuses in the pockets of the employees.


Whoever does ordering for your business should be aware of promoting reduction in use. Can they order refills instead of brand new products? Can they get a generic brand that works the same? Can they purchase cheaply from companies nearby that don’t need to spend overhead on delivery costs and pollute the environment by wasting the gas to ship the products?


Recycling programs are often very simple to implement and, especially if your company produces many plastic bottles or paper waste, it can save a great deal of money on trash collection because the trash collectors won’t need to come as often.


If you offer a single service, consider branching out to related services. Do you run a restaurant or cafe? Consider selling compost or used coffee grounds. Think about putting a community garden in a nearby lot so people can rent garden space, improve the look of the community, and make use of the compost produced. There are many available options for people who are willing to branch out from their one specific business goal. It’s often these multi-step entrepreneurs who can save the most money and have successful businesses.


If you offer delivery service, consider getting a bicycle for nearby deliveries or hiring bike messengers. This works especially well in large metropolitan areas or in college towns.

Support Other Green Businesses

When your business supports other local businesses that also promote environmental sustainability, it keeps the local economy moving and can help direct funding to environmental improvement in your own community.

Aside from the great environmental effects that result from paying attention to sustainability at work, charges often get decreased and reputations get boosted as customers and patrons hear that your business is environmentally conscious and aware of community improvement. That ends up meaning more customers, lower overhead, and greater income for most businesses. With reasons like that, there’s no excuse not to go green.