Business Fairs Are Still the Perfect Marketing Tool

Business Fairs are an ideal way for companies of all sizes to reach potential customers by displaying their product and being available to answer any questions about it right on the spot. People who attend trade shows are already interested in the industry and come seeking more information or to invest in additional products. In Internet terms, this would be called “targeted traffic” and it is the ideal kind of traffic to have. For example, a home remodeling contractor goes to a Home Expo business fair ready to shop for suppliers and materials that will make his business run more efficiently. He sees several banner display stands that may have just what he is looking for and will go from stand to stand seeking information. Contrast this to typical customers in a retail setting who are “just looking” and you will understand the significant value of marketing at a business fair.

Established customers also benefit from networking that is done at business fairs. They are able to check in with business contacts, offer feedback on products they are currently using, and get a sneak peak at products your company is considering marketing in the future.

There is a personal element to the business fair that isn’t found in business as often as was before email inquiries became the most common way to obtain information. Anyone who has experienced the frustration of calling a business, only to go through ten minutes of voice mail prompts to get to the person who can actually answer their question, will appreciate shaking hands and talking business with a real human being. The banner display stands may be the first thing to catch their eye, but having the opportunity to interact on a personal level will be the thing that keeps them there.

Another thing that business fair attendees seem to appreciate is the opportunity to receive small tokens of appreciation from each of the banner display stands that they visit. These are simple things that don’t cost the company a lot of money, such as a free package of nails or a bottle of water. Attending a business fair also gives potential customers the opportunity to collect fliers of information that they won’t have to take the time to research later and perhaps coupons offering discounted services that would not be available to the general public.

Business fairs are an ideal way for companies to tailor their presentations to each regional market. A sporting goods manufacturer, for example, would probably do well marketing snow shoes in Minnesota in January, but this would have little value to competitive surfers in California. If a company does its reserach into the market and comes prepared with a represenative who can answer questions in a personable manner, they will find that setting up banner display stands at a business fair is a profitable and wise decision.