Burns in Dogs: Overview and Treatment

There are many things that can burn a dog, not only in our homes but also even outside. We often don’t think about these things because they don’t commonly happen, but what are you supposed to do if your dog gets burned?

First off, there are three types of things that can burn humans, dogs, or any animal. The first type of burn can be caused by heat. Anything with excessive heat to it can cause a burn, such as liquids, irons, fire and even the sun. The second is an electrical burn, which are usually quite severe and usually require medical attention right away. An example of something that could cause an electrical burn to a dog would be a power line or electrical cord that is chewed through. The third cause of a burn can be a chemical burn, many chemicals can cause burns, such as bleach, metal cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, etc. The chemicals that cause these burns are typically either very acidic or very basic. So, what do you do if your dog is burnt?

If your dog gets burnt from heat, such as something hot, you should do your best to cool the burned area down. First, run some cool water over the area, and then hold something cold on the area for about 15 minutes. Once you are done, apply a cold damp washcloth to the burned area. Once you’ve held a cold washcloth over the area for about 15 minutes, you should then place a clean wrap over the area. Wrapping the area will keep the wound clean from any dirt or bacteria. I recommend you call your veterinarian and explain the situation, especially if the burn looks bad. They will advise you on what to do any further.

If your dog gets an electrical burn, take the dog to the veterinarian right away. This kind of burn is very bad and can even cause internal damage. The only thing that you can do before taking the dog to the veterinarian is wrap the area and keep it clean. Sometimes the damage is worse than it looks. It’s best for a professional to assess the situation and provide any needed treatment.

If your dog gets any kind of chemical on them, its important that you wash the chemical completely off of the dog right away. This may mean giving the dog a complete bath, just to be safe. You absolutely should remove chemicals from the dog because you don’t want them to consume any of it. According to Petalert.com.au, you can pour milk or put egg whites onto a chemical burn due to the fact that chemical burns break down proteins in the skin. So by applying these, the chemical will break down the proteins in the milk and egg instead of the skin. Don’t put anything else on the chemical burn, just wash it off for about 15 minutes. Many things can further react with a chemical, and you don’t want this to happen. You should then wrap the burn, and give your veterinarian a call. Make sure to describe what the chemical was that got on your dog and what you have done so far.