Burning the Bible Vs Burning the Koran: Why You Will Convert to Islam

No one is afraid of insulting Christians. A so-called artist put a crucifix in a jar of urine and most people just thought it was in extremely poor taste and wondered just how bad your parents have to be to make you rude enough to think that was a good idea.

A so-called pastor burned the Koran and now there are riots in Afghanistan.

Burning the Koran could not only get you and everyone you know killed it will almost certainly get people you don’t know killed. It already has. What is interesting is that almost no one will apportion any of the blame to the killers. A person who burned a pile of paper will get the blame for the deaths.

Everyone is afraid of offending Muslims. Everyone who says they aren’t is damnable bald face liar. When a young lady made the mistake of hosting an event around making cartoons of Mohamed, she received death threats. The FBI of President Hussein, himself a foreign-born Marxist Muslim, was asked for help, they told her to run and hide. They would not lift a finger to protect her or to apprehend those who would seek to harm her.

So you should be afraid. You should be very afraid. Under Barack Hussein Obama, if you do something idiotic to offend Islam, his FBI might even help the Jihadists track you down.

On top of all these considerations is the following: Saudi Arabia has not allowed a single Christian Church to be put on its soil. There are more mosques in America every day.

What should you do about all this? First learn all you can about Islam. Then convert. If you live long enough, you will be converted. There is only one thing on the horizon that might slow it down and only one thing on the horizon that might stop it.

In the future, America will largely Latino. It’s a question of birthrates. Look it up. That means the nation will be largely Catholic. This will slow down the conversion of America to Islam but it will not necessary stop it. It has been a long time since the Conquistadors fought the Crusades for the faith. I think that few Christians outside of Ireland are will willing to die for their God. All Muslims are prepared to give their lives for their faith. Christians have to lose eventually.

So what might stop all this? In the future, there will be one economic, scientific, and military super power. It will be China. If the Chinese won’t put up with being converted to Islam then there may only be two ideologies left on the earth in say 100 to 1,000 years. Islam and Chinese style communism.


By the way, it occurs to me that some of you will have problems connecting the dots. Some of you don’t understand why I can say that having one and only one religion which you are scared to death of offending means that one day, if you live long enough, you will convert. Here is the piece of the puzzle you may be missing. Remember Bill Clinton saying: “It depends on what ‘is’ is?” The meaning of language and even the interpretation of laws are guaranteed to change over time. What I am saying to you is first you fear to say anything offensive. Then they pass a law saying you can’t say anything offensive. Then it is pointed out that failing to respect the beliefs and practices is offensive. Then that failure is made illegal. Then the failure to celebrate the beliefs and practices is deemed offensive. Then the failure to celebrate the beliefs and practices is made illegal. Finally the failure to engage in the beliefs and practices is deemed offensive. Then the failure to engage in the beliefs and practices is made illegal.

If you know anything about history you know this methodology has been used with non religious beliefs and practices in America. There are people doing and saying things today that would have been illegal 200 years ago. Mind you the only threats that precipitated these changes where legal and economic. Once you add to these kinds of threats the fear of violence,almost nothing could stop such a movement.


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