Burn After Reading

Note: This picture was rated R with swearing and violence.

1. Confidential

Whoever said that information that you give to your lawyer is safe and confidential? In this case a former CIA agent’s wife was contemplating divorce. The time sensitive CD that she gave to her lawyer turns up lost at a gym that the secretary frequents.

Unfortunately 2 of the gym employees were not honest. They would not be considered model employees. Mary is just not happy with how she looks. Even though the owner has tried to tell her on many an occasion that he loves the way that she looks. It was quite evident that he cared quite deeply for Mary, but Mary seemed to have a deaf ear. The unfortunate things is that 2 men are killed because of Mary.

2. Chad

Mary’s friend Chad is the other employee at the gym that works with Mary to black mail a CIA agent. Chad is a young man that appears to be quite goofy, a little slow, and just not realizing that he is in over his head. He seemingly has little common sense and is not too street smart. This character is played by Brad Pitt. I have been so used to seeing Brad play the serious guy in previous pictures, it was different seeing him as a goofy young man.

3. Affairs

The CIA agent’s wife was having an affair with an FBI agent. The FBI agent that she was having an affair with became involved with Mary from the gym. The FBI agent was played by George Clooney. He unknowingly did not find out until towards the end that his wife was having an affair and contemplating divorce. The FBI agent was really paranoid. I had to laugh at his actions. He seemingly always thought someone was out to get him, but he had no concerns about having an affair and no concern about getting romantically involved with Mary.

4. Surgeries

Now Mary wanted 5 different surgeries on her body. She did not like her big rear end nor the extra weight on her stomach. These are just a few of her so called flaws. Mary seemingly was willing to do anything to find the money for the surgery. So she devised the black mail scheme, requesting $50,000 for her returning of the sensitive CIA agent’s information.

When the CIA did not accept her scheme, Mary desperately went to the Russians who also turned her down. Sadly Chad was killed during a break into the FBI’s apartment searching for more information. Also, Mary’s employer and owner of the gym was killed as he was attempting to discover more information inside of the CIA agent’s home. He seemed like such a nice man, but he was willing to do this for Mary. Could you say he did it for Love? Mary never even considered him as a lover or nothing more than her boss.

This story had plot after plot which held my attention.

5. The End

The story ended with a CIA officer telling his superior that Mary was wiling to keep her mouth shut if they would only pay for her surgeries, which she so desperately still wanted. They never said if they granted her the wish or not. It just leaves you wondering. I really believe that they killed Mary because she just knew too much. But then that is just my theory. What is yours?