Bunny Burdens Be Gone

Bunny Burdens be Gone!

Although you may love Easter, what you may not love is all the stress and anxiety that oftentimes accompanies this holiday. Sometimes there are just too many visiting relatives, school plays and church events, and many people go into overload. If that is what you’re looking forward to this holiday season, you may want to purchase some aspirin and be sure to follow these simple tricks designed to pamper away your Easter apprehension.

Secret Spa Special

For You

Is it bath time or spa time? Whoever said bath time had to be boring was dead wrong. Try creating a more sensual environment by lighting a few strategically placed, scented candles. You will be amazed by how simple candlelight can turn a normal looking bathtub into an exotic and enticing secret getaway. Don’t just stop at candles though. Putting on some of your favorite music will definitely help to “set the mood.” Also, try adding half a cup of warm milk and your favorite scent to the water for an extra silky experience.

For the Kids

If you are like most moms, getting your kids to take a bath is probably about as much fun as walking over hot coals, but hopefully less traumatic. The trick to getting your kids effortlessly clean while keeping the smiles on their faces is to make it fun. Next time they baulk at getting in the tub, try grabbing a cupcake pan and filling each compartment with shaving cream. Use food coloring to make each compartment a different color – two or three drops a piece is plenty – then simply stand back and watch the art show begin. Your kids will love mixing and matching the different colors and the best part is it really does get them clean! It also washes easily off the walls, and floor … and ceiling.

Honey and Avocado Desperado

Don’t have time to go get that expensive facial? No problem! With this simple recipe, you can experience spa-like results at a fraction of the cost. Simply take an avocado and remove the skin and pit so all that is left is the mushy green center. Put the avocado in a small bowl and set aside. Next, have your kids help you measure out 2 to 3 teaspoons of honey and add it to the avocado. Then simply let your little ones loose on the avocado and it will be pure mush in no time. Apply this mixture to your face and let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Your kids will love the feeling of smashing the avocado and honey together and you will love your new and inexpensive facial.

Hair Hassles

Has the thought of the upcoming Easter holiday have you ripping your hair out? Hopefully not, but if it has, this solution is for you. Try giving yourself a hot oil hair massage, and your scalp and tense muscles will thank you for it. All you have to do is heat up 5 tablespoons of coconut, jojoba or even plain old olive oil. If your hair is longer than shoulder length you will need more oil – up to half a cup – and if it is shorter, you may need less, 2 or 3 tablespoons. If you want to get really fancy, you can even use pure Shea butter. This is not recommended for women with dyed hair. To start, throw a dry towel big enough to cover your whole head into the dryer and let it heat up while you’re massaging. Next, heat your oil (or butter) up until it is warm but not hot. Oil that is too hot can damage your hair follicles and who wants burned fingertips anyway? Dip your finger tips in the oil and massage your scalp. Try not to massage too hard or with your fingernails because this can be quite painful. When you have finished massaging your whole head with the oil, rub a little bit between your palms and apply it to the ends of your hair. Now go get your warm towel and wrap it around your head, making sure all of your hair is covered. This is done for two reasons, first because the heat from the towel helps the oil really penetrate your hair and scalp, and second, it keeps the oil from getting everywhere. Leave the towel on for 30 minutes and wash your hair as usual.