Building Trends that Will Once Again Change

Every era seems to have a home or line of homes that identify those specific times and what was needed at that time. Also across the country, there are vast differences in housing trends that reflect the area, the climate or the people who live there. But, we are going to see some universal changes in the next few years and it’s going to change everything even down to the fireplace.

Ventless fireplaces have been making huge strides because of the backlash traditional fireplaces get. Places like San Diego are huge on banning the fireplace from new construction projects. They blame the traditional wood burning fireplace for environmental damages caused by particles that are released into the air from such things as treated wood.

But not only for their environmental friendly features, ventless fireplaces are easy to move around the home. They are easy to assemble. They are very cost effective when compared to traditional fireplaces that cannot be moved around the home, require contractors to install and can cost as much as a new car.

Of course, houses are going to be greener in the future with less square footage, but more space. How in the world is that possible? If you take a look at the homes in Florida, you can get a good idea of how in the world less square footage, but more space is possible.

Most homes are just one floor. There aren’t even basements. Obviously, they would flood all the time. Second story homes do exist, but they’re not common. In just a little bit of space you might find three bedrooms along a small hallway, the dining room and living room combined, a condensed kitchen with everything you need and a two car garage.

You can walk around the outside of the home and think it’s small. But walk inside and the space is amazingly comfortable. They are very uniquely designed and they certainly beat the building materials as well as the massive space of the colonial three-story homes or mini-mansions that defined the 80s and 90s.

With less space to heat, this might be a growing trend that sweeps the country in the next couple of years. A ventless fireplace can heat an entire home if centrally located, which by the way is easy to do because they can be moved. With a three hour gel fuel burn, winterize the home and cut the chills of the evening, letting the heat linger for hours after the fire has been extinguished.

Cost of living can easily decrease with a few simple command strokes. Build a more cost effective home that requires less building material, but has more space. Heating and cooling the smaller home becomes less of a hassle as far as resources are concerned. It’s just the smart way to go all around!