Building a Successful Sales Careeer

Becoming a salesperson can be an exciting and profitable occupation. I say, can be, because it will depend on what you are selling. If you are considering entering into a life of sales, then ponder the following points of advice:

1. Like what you sell. If the product or service is boring to you and there’s no interest in learning more about it, then you will want to find another product or service.

2. When you do find the right service or product, study it, learn it, and only then will you be qualified to sell it. Customers demand that you be knowledgeable of what you are offering. You have to be ready and capable of answering any question the potential customer may ask.

3. Have an upbeat attitude. Have that positive aura about you. It will serve you, your fellow workers and your potential customers well. Who wants to be around someone wearing a frown on their face all day long? If you are having a bad day, keep the frown inside and a smile outside.

4. The way you appear to the potential customer as you approach them will be a deciding factor…whether you make a sale or not. Don’t be a slob. Take pride in yourself and it will shine through. Depending on the service or product you are selling will determine the way you dress for work. You wouldn’t dress in a suit and tie to sell farm equipment. And you wouldn’t wear coveralls to sell art in a museum. It’s a no-brainer. Yes, it is true, the first impression is a lasting impression.

5. Always and I stress strongly…always be on time. If you are on the road selling, you will be servicing the appointments that were made the day or week before. Again, that first impression will be important here. Building confidence between yourself and your customer is mandatory. Being late for an appointment is a no-no.

6. Tools. So, what does a salesperson use for tools? Brochures, business cards, legal pads, pens, calculator, cell phone and computor laptops. A tool is anything that will make your workday run smoother and helps you make more sales.

7. Make your appointments. If you don’t have the luxury of having someone else make those very important phone calls, then it’s up to you. Some salespeople make appointments and some cold call…or a little of both. Have a plan of action…setting appointments will be a part of your plan.

8. Set your goals. How many customers do you want to see today, in a week or at the end of the month. The more people you see, the odds will be on your side. Setting goals is a very important activity in a salespersons work. Without goals is like trying to steer a boat without a rudder.

9. Listen to your potential customer. Talking more than your customer will be detrimental to making a sucessful sales call. Hear what the customer is saying to you. Allow them to put their trust in you. Be a “doctor” and listen to your patient.

10. Close the sale. You can always be closing during the sales call and still be responsive to the needs of your “patient”.

If you follow this advice, at the end of the day, there will be a good feeling of accomplishment…a trusting connection between yourself and your new customers. Always keep in contact with your clients after the sale. Putting together a good foundation of customers will pay off for you down the road and cementing your career of successful selling.