Build Your Own Raised Vegetable Garden & Enjoy Growing Your Own Crops

Do you enjoy growing you own vegetables and eating the tasty vegetables that you grew on your own property right out of the garden? Do you spend countless hours weeding your garden every summer to keep your crops from being overtaken by weeds and grass? Consider growing your garden this season by using a raised vegetable garden. it is not difficult to make and can enhance the experience of growing your own food. Here is how to build it yourself.

You will need just a few tools and items. This includes:

galvanized angle brackets
Tape measure
Lumber that is two inches thick by eight inches wide

1. For each garden box you will need four pieces of the wood, so first decide how many raised garden boxes you will need for all of your plants and get as many as you need.

2. Find the best location for your garden. If you are in a high altitude then choose a place that has northern exposure as to avoid excessive amounts of sun. Places in lower altitudes can be anywhere.

3. Use garden week barrier to help keep weeds out of your garden. Lay it where your raised garden boxes are going to go and use some nails to secure it into the ground until the boxes are securely installed on top of the fabric. Be sure not to use plastic fabric, as this will not allow the ground to drain properly.

4. Take your wood and cut each piece to be four feet long. (If you want larger garden beds then you can cut two of the wood pieces to be six feet long instead of four, however it is suggested that the width of the boxes be four feet to allow easier access to all of the plants.)

5. Nail the ends of the wood pieces together and attach galvanized angle brackets to all four of the corners. Use decking screws to secure the brackets onto the wood.

6. Put each of the garden boxes on top of the pre-placed garden fabric, leaving about three feet between each two boxes for easy access.

7. Secure garden stakes around the outside of each of the boxes to keep them snugly in place.

8. Add garden soil on top of the garden fabric and fill each of the boxes. Use of a good garden fertilizer as well, as this will help your plants to grow healthy.

9. Plant your crops, following the directions on how far apart each of the types of plants should be.

10. By using raised garden beds you will keep weeding to a minimum. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.