Buffet Ideas for a Spring Wedding

Making all the decisions for a wedding can be overwhelming – how many guests, what type of music, where to have the wedding and so many more things. Once you have made the choices, however, it does get easier. Below find some ideas for your buffet (since you made the choice of buffet over a served meal) for your Spring wedding.

Decorations (non-edible)

The buffet is almost a centerpiece at a wedding, because everybody goes to the table to get food, so you want it to look pretty and appealing. Flowers are obviously a great choice, but depending on your color scheme and whether you are inside or out, try picking a flower that is native to Spring, or native to the town or city you are in. A themed flower arrangement.
The tablecloth itself could also be a decoration, a flowery, Spring cover for the table is pretty (and will look less messy than white when someone spills on it) with the color scheme of your wedding.
Floating candles are always pretty and an inexpensive way to decorate. Fill pretty bowls with water and place candles in them to float. If you are outdoors, and it is windy, just leave them unlit.
I have seen strands of peals used to decorate a table, spiraling around the dishes, elegantly glowing, however, in the Spring you could use other jewels or beads that are colorful and fun and that match your color scheme.

Decorations (edible)

There are so many edible decorations, depending on your budget of course. There are chocolate fountains, fruit bowls or statues, arrangements in vases using skewers with fruit or satay or anything really that you can nicely put on a stick, and many more.
You can also decorate the table, around the bowls and dishes, with your favorite candies, Dove chocolates etc…so that people can actually take some while they are waiting for the person in front of them to hand them the service fork for the vegetables.

Food for the Buffet

Picking food for the buffet really depends on personal preferences, of course, but if you are doing a Spring wedding, light faire always works. A grilled chicken breast is nice, thinly cut steak (like Flank steak), a white fish like Tilapia or Sole are great dishes.
And vegetables. It’s Spring. It’s the reawakening after Winter. Beautiful vegetables, in all sorts of colors, are great. Have a raw tray with slices peppers in all colors. Slightly seared string beans with olive oil are wonderful. Red potatoes are great, less heavy than Russets, yet hearty and filling.
Salad. A salad is always great. You can have different dressings, toppings (crumbled Feta cheese, croutons etc…) and two kinds (a Caesar salad and a mixed lettuce salad) so that there is something for everyone.


Yes, dessert is usually the wedding cake, however, I have been to weddings where there is ALSO dessert. I think it is unnecessary, however, fun to have something extra. If you must have dessert, have fruits – a fruit salad, a fruit skewer or a fruit tart.
Mini-tarts, mini-cakes etc…all work too since you will still be saving room for the big finale – the wedding cake.
Mints covered in chocolate, nuts (chocolate, cinnamon, sweetened etc…) are also nice appetizers to the actual wedding cake.