Budget-Friendly Spring Decorating Ideas

After a long winter, you are ready to throw open the shutters and allow the fresh air and sunlight to enter the home. Sprucing up the home with spring décor further ushers in the renewal of nature and the season that sets the stage for a gorgeous summer to come. Budget-friendly decorating ideas make this an affordable means of welcoming the seasonal change into your home.

1. Wall decals

There is no need to paint or buy yards of fabric. Wall decals come in all color shades, sizes and shapes. Whimsical flowers, birds in flight, geometrical designs and anything in-between make for great temporary wall and furniture decorations. Welcome spring with yellow suns along the ceiling, blue waves along the kick boards or the occasional robin shape inside the home. When summer makes its appearance, these wall decals peel off quite easily.

2. Flower-inspired artwork

Welcome the spring season with a set of gorgeous blooms you can put on the wall. Take — or purchase — snapshots of traditional spring flowers, blow up the pictures and then mount them in minimalist glass front frames. Place them in patches of fours or sixes, and watch how this artwork spruces up even the darkest room with a clear spring motif. Exchange the spring prints for other seasonal prints as the year progresses.

3. Add white color splashes

Oprah offers designer tips for spring decorating and one of her experts suggests the use of bright white color accents. Whether it is a throw pillow, flower pot or other white accessory, bring it in for the spring months to light up the home. Since these accent pieces only need to be few and far between, they are easy one any budget.

4. Change out window treatments and lampshades

When dark, heavy curtains make way for lacy panels or bamboo roll-ups, the effect is virtually instantaneous. The added light brings the spring sunshine into the house, just like the dark curtains kept the cold winter air out. Lilac lampshades, too, make a world of difference. Pastel tones add a whimsical feel to the room and complement the blossoming spring color palette outside.

5. Plastic blooms liven up a home

Unless you have time to look after real plants, opt for the instantaneous and durable color splash that fake flora provides. Get out some vases, invest in a few gorgeous satin or plastic blooms, and then skillfully arrange the bouquets in and around the living room and other areas where you and the family congregate.

6. Hand towels

Who knew that hand towels could be a budget-friendly spring decorating idea? Place green or yellow towels with flower motifs in the kitchen and bathroom, and even those two areas see spring come into the home.


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