Budget Friendly Pink Poodles in Paris Bathroom Decor

I LOVE the Pink Poodles in Paris theme! When I decided, against my husband’s pleas, this was the theme for our 3 year old daughter’s bathroom, I scoured the internet for ideas. I found a lot of ideas out there, but not much direction on where to buy decor for reasonable prices and even less for bathroom ideas. I, for one, do not have the luxury of a money tree in my back yard or the resource of a fabulous decorator. Now that I think about it, I’m not even particularly artistic! Regardless of these deficiencies, I was still able to create a Pink Poodle bathroom for my daughter that I was very proud to say I decorated. Hopefully I can provide you with some DIY projects and some ideas on where to find items to make your bathroom the perfect Pink Poodles in Paris paradise without spending as much money as it would cost to actually visit Paris!

First things first: Wall Color!
I painted my daughter’s bathroom pink with cream colored trim; however, I had about 500 different ideas running through my head for wall color! Obviously I cannot list them all, but here are some ideas that you can combine or alter to fit your idea of the perfect Pink Poodles in Paris wall color.

• Pink wall with cream colored stripes

• Pink wall with clear coat stripes. Clear coat is basically a clear paint that you can use to create very subtle stripes. Ask someone at your local hardware or paint store for the right product for your wall.

• Pink wall with cream or black polka dots.

• Cream colored wall with pink or black polka dots.

• If you have a chair rail on your wall, you could do a solid color on top and print (polka dots or stripes) on the bottom or vice versa.

Once you have your wall painted, you will need some basic bathroom amenities. Basic amenities can get an overhaul to double as cute decorative pieces as well.

Soap dispensers, tissue box covers, lotion dispensers, etc. I found plain white soap dispensers and tissue box covers on clearance at Wal-Mart for $1.00 apiece. I went to my local craft store and purchased black craft paint specifically made for ceramic and painted black stripes on the soap dispensers and tissue box covers. You could paint or even stencil on any design you wanted: polka dots, stripes, or if you are really artistic a fleur de lis design. Just be sure the paint you purchase does NOT wash away with water. I didn’t pay attention to this my first trip to the craft store and boy was that a disappointment!

Waste paper baskets. Even the waste paper basket can be given some decorative OOMPH! I used the plastic trashcan we already were using and spray painted it black with paint specifically made for plastic. Then I decorated it with small white polka dot stickers I purchased on eBay for under $3.00. Voila! Less than $6.00 and my trashcan became a decorative item! FYI, I found an identical trash can selling on eBay for $30.00 including shipping. So be creative and use whatever design and color combos you like and you too can save yourself some big money on just a measly little old trashcan.

Decorative towels. I found a seller on eBay and purchased 2 black hand towels with a pink and white poodle embroidered on them for $10.00. These were custom made and not used. You could use eBay, etsey.com or do an internet search for custom made items and find similar deals. Even better, support your local business owners and visit an embroidery shop in your area. Many will allow you to bring in your own items to be embroidered or you have the option to purchase the items there. If you are gifted with a needle (or sewing machine) sew on fabric stripes, polka dots or poodle cut outs to your towels.

Shower Curtain. This is the item I had the hardest time finding! All I wanted was a black shower curtain with white polka dots for under $25.00. You would have thought I was searching for the Holy Grail! I finally found one online for $28.00 with shipping, but honestly, I was so sick of looking I would have paid $75.00! I can’t promise you won’t run into the same frustration as I did, but I do have some other shower curtain ideas that might save you from overspending if you can’t find the specific shower curtain you want at the price you want locally or online. Purchase a fabric solid color shower curtain and use fabric paints, iron on patches, sew on patches or anything else your pink poodle loving heart desires to jazz it up. If you can’t find a solid curtain in the color you want, purchase one in white or cream and use a fabric dye to MAKE it the color you want!

For the shower curtain hooks, I just bought some clear plastic ones at my local dollar store for $1. I bought wooden letters at my craft store that spelled out ‘Ooh La La’. I painted them solid pink and tied them from

the curtain hooks with some pretty ribbon. You could also spell out a name, another French word or save a couple of bucks and ditch the wooden letters and just tie pretty ribbon to the curtain hooks.

Towel hooks. I found a 3 prong towel/coat hook at a store we have here called Hobby Lobby. It was black with metal hooks and a fleur de lis design and just $10 bucks. You could paint and decorate any towel or coat hook to achieve the desired effect.

Last, but certainly not least, are your decorative knick knacks. Finding these items is the easy part. Finding these items at a price that doesn’t force you to call off Christmas is another thing! My best advice here is, if at all possible, spend a little time gathering up items to use to as your decorative pieces. I love yard sales and flea markets so I was able to find a lot of items for extremely cheap at these venues. I also purchased a lot of items used online and was even able to use what very little artistic ability I have to make some really cute pieces.

Shelf Idea. I reused a black shelf I already had and hung it on the wall. I purchased a pink and black feather boa and arranged it on the shelf. Then I placed a wire Eiffel Tower, a pink poodle picture frame and a ceramic pink and black poodle. All were purchased at either a flea market or online.

Picture Frames. If you are someone who is weirded out by staring at a picture of grandma while using the restroom or taking a bath, you can still use picture frames to decorate with, but just don’t put a photograph in the frame. In its place, you can use a piece of decorative fabric hot glued to the picture backing. You could even cut a piece of fabric from an old t-shirt. Hot glue it to the picture backing and then use stencils and fabric paint to create the design you want.

Wall Panels. Another really simple, cheap project is to create decorative wall panels. I created 3 square panels out of some wood pieces that I had. Small nails were used to hold them together. I then bought some black and white striped fabric in the clearance bin at my local fabric store and stretched this around my 3 wooden panels using a staple gun to hold the fabric in place. I purchased 3 iron on patches (a poodle, a fleur de lis and an Eiffel Tower) and ironed these onto the fabric of the panels I created. I hung these on the wall and they look absolutely wonderful! Use damask fabric, polka dot fabric, solid color fabric, old t-shirts or just whatever you have on hand or can get cheap. These are completely customizable and look totally professional.

Mirrors. Mirrors can also be used as really beautiful decorative pieces. I am always coming across old mirrors at yard sales and flea markets that would be shoe- ins for my Pink Poodle décor. The mirrors that work the best are the ones with the gold, gilded frames that everyone turns up their noses at. Be brave, look past that 80’s gold and paint that bad boy pink, black or cream!

So there you have it. Walls, basics and decorative pieces all combined will give you the perfect Pink Poodle bathroom. Hopefully my ideas have been helpful and inspired you to create your own! I’ve listed below the key points to keep in mind.

Key Points:

The main colors and prints for the Pink Poodles in Paris theme are pink, black ,cream, silver, polka dots, stripes or damask print.

Great decorative items include Victorian type decor, fleur de lis designs, French words, the Eiffel Tower and, of course, anything relating to paris and poodles!

REUSE REUSE REUSE! You’d be amazed what some paint can do. No need to buy all new bathroom amenities. Take what you have and paint them so they match your color and design desires! The key is to buy the right paint for your specific application.

Flea markets, yard sales, craigslist, eBay, etsy.com and even just a simple google search are all fantastic ways of purchasing decorative items for cheap.