Budget-Friendly Fashion When You Are Not a Size 0

All women should be able to enjoy fashion, and sadly, I’ve gotten some negative feedback regarding spring & summer apparel from friends and readers. Apparently, you need to crack open your piggy bank to find flattering, fashionable options. No fashionista should ever feel barred from the beautiful evolution that takes place each season in fashion. Fashion is for all shapes and sizes; you just need to discover what works best for you.

Once you know the cuts that complement your individual curves, you can leverage that style for years, giving it a different boost each season. Together we will find wallet-friendly options that will have you strutting down the street with sheer confidence this summer.

Secret to Style

Beauty is everywhere and is not defined by one designer, model, or mannequin size. Think about what you love about yourself and capitalize on it. Own it! There are no boundaries; think Angelina’s epic lips. If you are lucky enough to have lips like that attached to your face, wear lipstick every day!

Accentuating Your Arms

If your arms are your thing, then show them off! There are plenty of tank tops and dresses that are looser around the chest and stomach area, and can beautifully accentuate that visible bicep. For some inspiration, check out Ann Taylor’s Shimmery Sequin Tank , and this sequined vest by Matty M for an extra layer over a plain tank.

Chest Choices

Men linger far and wide to get a view of boobs. Boobs, no matter the size, are a woman’s secret accessory. No matter what we wear, they are there, big or small. It is just up to us to determine how we want to wear them. To share your voluptuousness, try something like Victoria’s Secret Floral Sequin Halter Top with a built-in bra for support. For some extra coverage, try Halogen’s Tiered Chiffon Tank.

Sexy Shoulders

Femininity radiates off shoulders, so expose them to show your naturally sexy side. Try an off-the-shoulder look like this Dolman tunic or Blue Life One Shoulder Phoenix Cape Top. This simplistic and effortless style choice will not go unnoticed.

Nice Stems

If you have “nice stems,” as stated so eloquently by Christian in the groundbreaking film, Clueless, then the solution is easy. Wear short skirts! Accentuate those legs with dresses such as the Flutter Jersey Dress by Forever 21 or Cascade Front Dress from the Gap. Pair with a blazer, cardigan or wrap if you want extra coverage.

Bad Day Blues

If you’re having one of those days that nothing is laying right, and you’re already on your tenth wardrobe change, you may want to reach for a tunic or a loose dress. With comfort, style and versatility, you will wipe those blues away. Try Ann Taylor’s Shimmery Tunic or the Gap’s Pleated Ruffle Dress.

Undergarment Armor

I use the word “armor” with discretion. Spanx literally provides you with the utmost protection from unruly love handles and too much ice cream.

Create your own personal style guide this summer; you have all the control, so own what you have. Not all of us can be mobile, size zero mannequins. There are curves that need to be noticed.

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