Budget Deal Outcome Leaves Little Room for Democratic Celebration

The $38 billion budget deal that was desperately agreed upon at the last minute on April 8, was anything but a compromise for the GOP, leaving the Democratic Party and its supporters with very little reason to celebrate. I actually dreaded having to inform myself on how many spending cuts were eventually agreed upon. I would of almost rather not have known. The deal was quite a blow to Democrats, especially when you consider that the deep spending cuts agreed upon, would coincide with the seemingly never-ending Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest of the wealthy. It is pretty well known that these pro-wealthy cuts were also taking place during the same time this whole economic crisis began, so they clearly have not benefited the economy enough to continue them any further.

There are several logical, reasonable solutions to this budget issue right in front of our faces, including solutions that have been implemented and proven successful in the past, but instead we decide to impose excessive, life-ruining spending cuts that have never been proven to be worthwhile measures for balancing the budget. Why are we taking from social programs that provide to children and pregnant women, but not taking an extra cent from those who would barely notice the difference? Instead of requiring top earners to contribute a little bit of what they can afford during a time of crisis, we decide to go ahead and give them further breaks that they do not need in any way. I would like to know how this truly makes any sense to anybody. Once again, the Democrats were bullied into accepting total nonsense.

This so called “compromise” is completely unnecessary and bonkers. Justified reasoning barely exists anymore, especially when it comes to the many, over-reaching plans currently being proposed by Tea Party-elected officials. How they manage to get as many Americans on their side as they do, is totally beyond me. I know that they are exceptional at talking around the truth and manipulating citizens through the use of irrelevant social issues, but I will never be able to understand why so many continue to fall for it.

I truly would like to know how many GOP voters actually know what the new party stands for, and how they are impacting themselves by electing these greedy monsters into office. I recently came across a gentleman on a social networking site who identified himself as being a member of the GOP, and was a fan of several pro-Tea Party extreme-right fan pages. I then glance up at his employment history, only to discover that he is also a member of three local labor unions. Talk about a contradiction. I assume that this type of thing is somewhat common, but I truly do hope that more Americans are finally starting to catch on to the true agenda behind their policies. I urge all people to please, do some research before you vote. Really know exactly what you are supporting before taking a stance. I am not saying that the Democratic Party is perfect by any means, but their intentions generally are not to take from those that are in the most need, while at the same time giving endlessly to those that need the very least.