Brintey Spears is a Diva “Femme Fatale” (2011)

“Hit Me Baby One More Time” is a guilty pleasure pop hit, good fun to turn on once and a while, and it was the song that introduced me to Britney Spears. She has been through a lot since then and made a lot of music that I did not actually tune in for. However, with her 2011 album “Femme Fatale” I decided to check in on America’s hair there gone tomorrow nut job and see where her musical path has taken her. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that this power pop diva still has her manufactured talent and real skills. I hate to say it, but in the music scene of 2011 with a lot of pop music striving to be crossover dance club hits, Britney Spears has a strong album here. What I am saying is: ooops, it is good.

My song by song notes are from listening to the basic version of the album, there is a deluxe with more tracks, and it is probably worth the upgrade to get more of what Britney Spears is serving up.

“Till The World Ends”: Dance music seems to be the way pop artists are leaning when making tracks these days and Britney has a strong contender here, and her vocal delivery is seductive enough to push some aside. She shows she could fill in for the Black Eyed Peas if Fergie ever went down. Wait a minute, how the hell did the Black Eyed Peas turn from rappers into silly dance music makers? Britney’s song here isn’t so silly though, actually deserves dance anthem cred I feel, no space robot voices needed.

“Hold It Against Me”: Holy crap, the way she ends her lines almost sounds like a porn star getting off! Mental breakdown or not Britney Spears knows what she is doing with this dance music infused pop song. Heck, even in the mental breakdown department Britney knew how to do it up right. The bridge into chorus of this song does pretty much rip off the vibe of the previous song. This song kind of quits working the further it goes though, my guess is she quit singing and started dancing and the people in charge of the music were too busy watching her to make their sounds right.

“Inside Out”: This song makes me wonder what would happen if Britney Spears were to collaborate with someone like Trent Reznor. Jerky puppets string motions to the song, but not in a bad way, because she delivers her pop lyrics with the right flair to match. If only it could have been cooler. Britney Spears could be cooler, this smells too much like she might as well be dating Justin Timberlake still. Good as is, but not great as is, I see potential in this up and coming artist Britney Spears; ha ha.

“I Wanna Go”: Filler pop dance music that Britney almost saves with her vocal delivery on the bridge line endings and the whistling was actually a nice touch instead of an annoyance.

“How I Roll”: Apparently she rolls in sunshine music for happy video games with fun sound effects and probably flowers holding hands; at least this is the vibe I felt and where I would imagine this song being played. Light, flowery fun, awww, there went her edge.

“(Drop Dead) Beautiful”: Club music primed and ready for a million remixes, but nothing stand out in comparison to where I’ve gone on this album so far. Dang, but a drink in hand, nod along, why not?

“Seal It With A Kiss”: Very girly song, I could see little fairies fluttering around and smooching to this pop song, in the middle of one of those earring selling pink exploded all over kiddie stores in the mall.

“Big Fat Bass”: This song features and he immediately ruins any song in my opinion. He is funny when you hear him talk, charming, but musically he is not on a very interesting page to me. Silly crap that doesn’t make much sense.

“Trouble For Me”: Not as clever as it wants to be and almost feels like left some skid marks on this one too. I’m not looking at album credits so I don’t know that, just portions sound Peas-ey. Kind of dull song.

“Trip To Your Heart”: A bumping fantasy trip where love deserves men on shining white unicorns and women with their halos beaming bright, dancing to Britney Spears music. She sells this one when it could have fell flat.

“Gasoline”: Too many songs about gasoline and getting set on fire, you would not kick this song out of bed if your bed is on the floor of the dance club, but it’s nothing really special. It is kind of depressing considering gas prices right now, because she’s too high maintenance if she needs gasoline, and then she wants you to set her on fire, what a waste.

“Criminal”: An ode to a guy who is apparently a loser and a bum and a criminal, but she’s in love with him any way, due to a physical draw. Strumming beat and some flute mixed in for good measure, this is an interesting addition to the album. Britney has kept to a formula, yet switched it up enough to stay interesting for the ears. I don’t like this song, but I can understand fans going nuts for it and the album as a whole.