Bringing a Chihuahua Puppy Home

Bringing home a Chihuahua puppy is very exciting. It is like bringing home a new member of the family. There are many things that new time owners of Chihuahua puppies do not know because the information is not at hand for them to attain. But the number one thing that is most important when bringing a Chihuahua puppy into a new home is to keep them in a small area.

Keeping a Chihuahua puppy in a small area in their first months in a new home is key to letting the Chihuahua adapt to their new home. A Chihuahua automatically thinks that it is a big dog. The Chihuahua sees himself as a big dog and can do what ever he wants because he is the leader of the house. Well the reality is that the Chihuahua is a very small dog, especially in its puppy year. So when raising the dog, it is best to limit the dog to one room at a time. Start in the room that is going to be the puppies bedroom. Keep the puppy in that room, let him explore and get to know the area well. Only allow the puppy to leave the room to use the bathroom. Once the puppy knows its bed room, allow for the bedroom door to be open and put up a baby gate to section off the next part of the house that the Chihuahua is going to be allowed to go in. Continue to do this till the Chihuahua is comfortable and familiar with the house. This also ensures that the Chihuahua will not get lost in the house or forget where his bed room or food is.

The few supplies that a Chihuahua needs are very important to get correctly. For example, the collar. Buying a regular neck collar for a Chihuahua is not the thing to do. A regular neck collar can damage the Chihuahua’s trachea because it is so small and a simple pull or tug could damage the trachea. A harness is the best rout to go with a Chihuahua. Keep in mind that it is important to get the Chihuahua familiar with the harness and leash as a puppy. A food and water dish for a Chihuahua should be very small. A normal size dog food bowl is too big for the portions of food that a Chihuahua is suppose to consume. A cat bowl is about the perfect size for an adult Chihuahua.

A chihuahua puppy is a wonderful addition to any house hold. Keeping in mind, the environment the chihuahua is kept in is how the Chihuahua will behave. Simple things that are normal for a regular puppy is different for chihuahua puppy. For example, when punishing a Chihuahua, the owner can not hit the puppy because that will create the puppy to be violent in his older years.