‘Bridesmaids’ Manages to Make Money on Friday

Bridesmaids reviews painted a clear picture of the film’s success, with a 90 percent positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But for Hollywood, the bottom line is box office, and a movie with great reviews can underachieve with paying audiences. A lot of eyes are on whether this film will take off, with the already overplayed prediction that this will determine if funny women are “bankable.” However, signs seem to be good after Friday’s early estimates, although there’s still doubt on how well it will hold.

Since Bridesmaids was going up against the mighty Thor, its chance of taking over the No. 1 spot was slim. Although Thor is in its second weekend, its big opening haul and positive word of mouth were set to keep it on top.

According to Deadline Hollywood, that is exactly what happened, as Marvel’s latest avenger made an estimated $9.2 million more on Friday. Nikki Finke projects that it will make $32 million for the weekend, which is around 50 percent less than on opening weekend- yet is certainly respectable.

Since the Norse God remained on top as expected, the big question was how large the margin of victory would be. It wasn’t by that much on Friday, and it might not be by too much for the weekend, as Bridesmaids is now projected for a $7.8 million take on Friday, and a $21.5 million total up to Sunday.

This defied all expectations from Finke, who quipped to Universal chairman Adam Fogelson that she would “leave Hollywood reporting forever” if the movie made over $13 million. However, she had such little faith because she hated the first trailer, not because she thought that women couldn’t headline a hit comedy.

But although Finke wasn’t impressed by the trailer, or the idea of women making “the same raunchy movie stuff as men” not many felt that same way about the film itself. With the rave reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, particularly for star/co-writer Kristen Wiig and scene-stealer Melissa McCarthy, the comedy had already won a lot of supporters. In fact, they pegged it as the best hope in a long time to make Hollywood finally green lights better movies for women.

One of Finke’s sources even claimed that studios are “hoping it tanks, or at least does business they can put a negative spin on.” A $21.5 million opening certainly wouldn’t make the movie tank, yet since it is going up against Pirates of the Caribbean, Kung Fu Panda 2 and The Hangover Part II shortly, studios can still hope that it won’t hold up later.

Although the comedy is the bridesmaid of the weekend, thanks to Thor, it stands to be a glowing maid of honor at the moment. But how much more does it have to make before doubts about its box office capabilities are silenced?


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