Bridal Showers Can Be Fun!

Bridal Showers Can Be Fun!

Bridal showers are one of those “have to go to” affairs, which are usually long and boring. In fact, I just recently attended one, which reminded me of just how boring they can be. But, at the same time, I remembered my daughter’s bridal shower and how much fun we all had at it. The time flew by and I think everyone was sorry when it was over. So, what made her shower fun to be at? Activity! The shower was themed around her favorite vacation resort, Woodloch Pines in Pennsylvania, and one of her favorite activities at the resort, “The Olympic Games”, a variety of events that each team participated in, hoping to be the high scoring team, winning the “Olympics”.

At the shower, approximately 8 women sat at each table. Each table had a name related to the theme, which became the team name for the Olympic Games. Once everyone had eaten their meal, the games began. There were five games that each team took part in. Nobody was sitting at a table for hours on end. Everyone was running around from event to event, laughing and cheering their teammates on. Points were earned for each event and at the end of the “Olympics”, the points were tallied. Each person on the winning team received a prize. My daughter’s wedding was to be held at a vineyard in Virginia and each team member on the winning team received a bottle of wine from that vineyard.

So what kind of “wedding related” games were played?

1) “Pin the Veil on the Bride” a picture of my daughter was hung on the wall and a veil had to be hung on her by blindfolded team members.

2) “Bouquet Toss ” a timed relay race in which each team member had to toss a flower bouquet into a basket ‘” to start, the team lined up at a distance from the basket, except for one who stood behind the basket; the first teammate on line tossed the bouquet into the basket; if she missed, the teammate by the basket threw it back to her to toss again ‘” once in, the tosser replaced the team member at the basket, who grabbed the bouquet and ran back to pass it off to the next person in line. She went to the end of the line. This continued until everyone had a chance to toss the bouquet into the basket .

3) “Celebrity Bride” a poster of photos of celebrity brides with their faces removed from their bodies ‘” each team had to identify bride by dress she wore. Points for most correct answers.

4) “Name that Wedding Tune” singer chose song title ‘” team then decided how many notes they could guess tune in ‘” the less notes, the more points, and last, but not least.

5) “Wedding Movie Charades” one person from each team drew a movie name from a bowl and had 60 seconds to perform charades in order for their team to guess movie. Lots of noise, laughter and fun!!

Once the “Olympics” were completed, dessert and coffee were served for guests to enjoy while my daughter opened her gifts. Even that process went quickly – her bridesmaids helped push the gift opening along at a quick pace. That allowed time for everyone to socialize at the end of the shower and laugh about their Olympic trials. I can honestly say, there was not one person there bored to tears.