Brewing in New Orleans: A Guide to New Orleans Breweries

New Orleans is known for many things; spicy cajun food, the commotion on Bourbon Street, and sweet melodic Jazz. Among these things are also a few local breweries that don’t just produce great tasting beer, but also infuse New Orleans charm to create a worth-while beer drinking experience.

Crescent City Brewhouse

Located in the heart of the French Quarter, the Crescent City Brewhouse is the only microbrewery in the area. They may produce a limited amount of beer, but the flavor is definitely not spared with house brews that include Pilsner, Red Stallion, Black Forest, and Weiss beer. The establishment caters to all the senses with a menu that includes flavorful traditional New Orleans flare, nightly live jazz performances by local musicians, and inspiring art exhibits every month. The whole experience is complete with the relaxing and inviting atmosphere that Southerners are known for, in combination with the culturally infused ambience of the French Quester.

Abita Brewing Company

Twenty five years after its inception, Abita Brewing Company now produces 20 different brews. This includes 7 year-around flagship brews and 5 seasonal brews that can only be enjoyed for a limited time, but capture the flavors of the time of year in which they are created. The 3 Harvest brews include fresh, Louisiana grown ingredients and the 3 Big Beers that, although come in slightly bigger bottles, include 2 of brews that were created specifically to support local institutions. Also on the lineup, a select brew that is featured every few months and root beer. Produced 30 miles north of New Orleans, the facility is comprised of a tasting room that includes a 24 foot bar and Abita-inspired artwork, and a full-service restaurant, The Brew Pub. You can visit the brewery Wednesday-Saturday for a unique tour of the state of facility.

Gordon Biersch

Located in New Orleans’ Central Business District, Gordon Biersch is both a local and visitor favorite the combination of the hustle and bustle of the city and old charm of the French Quarter. The establishment houses the brewery, restaurant, and banquet areas as well as a bar equipped with plasma televisions for your sports-viewing please. Views of the brewing facility add to the ambience of the restaurant, but tours and beer sampling given by the brew master add to the full experience of your visit. Brews include Golden Export, Hefeweizen, Czech Pilsner, Märzen, Schwarzbier, and a seasonal beer.

New Orleans Lager and Ale Brewing Company

Better known as NOLA Brewing, it was founded in 2008 to produce quality lagers and ales created locally in New Orleans with malts from around the world and the unique, succulent flavors of the area. The facility is located in the Irish channel and currently creates NOLA Blonde Ale, NOLA Brown Ales, Hopitoulas, and Flambeau Red Ale.