Brett Favre – Jenn Sterger Scandal: A Timeline

A headline-maker in sports columns for more than twenty years, NFL quarterback Brett Favre found himself–and his once clean-cut name–headlining innumerable gossip columns in the fall of 2010, when he was publicly accused of sending suggestive phone texts and lewd photos of himself to former N.Y. Jets hostess Jenn Sterger in 2008.

A chronological timeline, below, of the scandal created when Favre’s private actions assumed the form of public knowledge in October, 2010.

August 4, 2010
Deadspin’s A.J. Daulerio Breaks Favre Story

Online sports site Deadspin–infamous for offering up “Sports news without access, favor, or discretion”–publishes a front-page story alleging that Favre has been sending suggestive phone texts to Jenn Sterger, a former N.Y. Jets game-day hostess. In the piece, editor A.J. Daulerio claims that Sterger–employed within the Jets organization at the same time as Favre— has recently confided to him that in 2008, the quarterback had sent suggestive, unsolicited phone texts to her. Sterger tells Daulerio she has proof to back her accusations, which also include Favre sending lewd, below-the-waist photos of himself. Daulerio, through his position at Deadspin, tells Sterger he can break this news on Deadspin’s website, with her cooperation. Sterger, after having thought-over Daulerio’s offer, finally relents to the story going public, but never meets with Daulerio as planned. Deadspin proceeds with publishing the accusations, sans Sterger’s final approval.

October 7, 2010
Accusing Photos, Voice Mails Published

Between August and October, 2010, the Favre-Sterger story remains a favorite in both print and on-line headlines, but without any further type of proof than what Deadspin offered up in August. This changes dramatically in October, when once again the site prints salacious details regarding Brett Favre’s alleged sexual harrassment of Jenn Sterger, but this time, with a twist—Deadspin makes public a video it has created which contains the lewd photos that Sterger claims Favre sent to her. The October 7th video also includes snippets of two voicemails Favre allegedly left for Sterger on her cell phone. According to Editor-in-Chief Daulerio, Deadspin has purchased both the audio and photographic evidence from a third-party that gained access–whether freely given or not–to Jenn Sterger’s cell phone or computer.

October 8, 2010
NFL Begins Its Look Into Favre’s Alleged Actions

Commissioner Roger Goodell of the NFL orders a complete investigation of the facts involving Favre’s alleged behavior in regards to Jenn Sterger’s accusations against him. The NFL’s investigators and attorneys begin what will amount to a nearly two-month- long look into whether or not substantial proof is discovered of Favre’s wrong-doing. If evidence enough is found and Favre is found guilty of violating the NFL’s rules regarding personal behavior, Goodell could impose sanctions, fines, or Favre’s suspension from the league.

December 2010
NFL Issues Fine to Favre

Goodell’s investigation into the Favre-Sterger scandal concludes, with Favre being fined by the NFL for failing to cooperate fully in its investigation. Favre is levied a fifty-thousand dollar fine, but suffers no suspension nor league-sanctioned penalties. Goodell states that with the two years between the alleged actions performed by Favre and the accusations brought forth by Sterger, too much time had elapsed to make a sound judgment of Favre’s guilt.


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