Breakstone’s Unsalted Whipped Butter

Last week, while exploring the dairy case at a Hartford, Connecticut area supermarket, I happened to notice a display of Breakstone’s Unsalted Whipped Butter. It had been several years since I last ate whipped butter and I have always enjoyed its flavor. The sale price was reasonable, so I purchased one eight ounce container of the butter.

I am so impressed with this item, that I have decided to write a review of it. Presented here, in an effort to assist the consumer, is an article which reviews and examines Breakstone’s Unsalted Whipped Butter.

The net weight of the standard sized container of Breakstone’s Unsalted Whipped Butter is eight ounces. According to the product’s nutrition facts label, the container holds 25 one tablespoon servings.

The regular retail price charged for one eight ounce container of Breakstone’s Unsalted Whipped Butter at Hartford, Connecticut area supermarkets is approximately $2.69. While this price does seem pretty high to me, I purchased a container of this excellent whipped butter on sale for $1.99.

The sale price that I paid seems reasonable to me, because whipped butter is somewhat of a specialty item. Whipped butter is not an item that I see in a lot of the stores where I shop.

Consistency / Texture
What makes whipped butter so special is its consistency, or texture. If you’ve never eaten it, whipped butter features a light, soft and satiny texture. It is easy to spread and adds an special touch to any food it is eaten with.

If you’ve ever eaten at a famous pancake house restaurant, that’s usually whipped butter (or shortening) that is served in those little cups alongside many breakfast dishes.

Breakstone’s Unsalted Whipped Butter features a nice and light consistency that offers a great overall mouth – feel. The airy consistency of this product makes it fun and pleasing to consume.

Nutritional Facts
Breakstone’s Unsalted Whipped Butter contains 70 calories, with 70 calories from fat, per one tablespoon serving. This product also contains 5 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams trans fat, 7 grams total fat, 20 mg of cholesterol, 0 mg of sodium, 0 grams total carbohydrates and 0 grams of protein, per one tablespoon serving.

Taste / Flavor
This whipped butter tastes so good, I have eaten a tiny bit plain, every time I have opened the container. Most of the time, I use various brands of vegetable oil spread, which I am very happy with. The container of Breakstone’s Unsalted Whipped Butter that sits in my refrigerator is like a back – up product, to be used on certain items.

Even though this is an unsalted product, it does not at all lack in flavor. It tastes very good on baked potatoes, rice, toast, vegetables, especially corn on the cob, pancakes, waffles, French toast and anything else that can benefit from the flavor of butter. Redolent of fresh dairy cream, Breakstone’s Unsalted Whipped Butter is rated 9.5 on a flavor scale of one through ten.

Breakstone’s Unsalted Whipped Butter is packaged in a red, white and blue plastic tub like container. All pertinent ingredient and nutritional information is listed on the rear panel. The reusable container is easy to open and it also re-closes effectively.

Overall Rating
All things considered, Breakstone’s Unsalted Whipped Butter is a delicious, well textured item that adds a special flair to everything it is served with. The light, airy texture of this product makes eating butter fun. This is a recommended item.

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