Breaking Down Yahtzee

Two of the things I have become increasingly aware of as I’ve gotten older are cost and space. We don’t ever have as much money as we’d like and there usually isn’t nearly enough space to contain what we do have. Getting my head around that has been an eye-opening experience.

My wife and I were traveling the other day and looking for a game to play when we are out on the road. Cards are good, but neither of us is really as skilled at the games we do know to make things interesting. Board games like Monopoly or Scrabble each pose a different mental challenge, but the former has all kinds of pieces and the latter poses the same problem as the cards. One game which has always kept me entertained has been Yahtzee. Six dice, a cup, a board, and all the myriad sheets of paper.

I almost purchased the game today in a retail store. I picked up the Yahtzee and walked around with it. “Eleven ninety-nine,” I thought. Twelve bucks. Might as well be $1200 or $12,000! Still a game like Yahtzee presents us with many free hours of entertainment.

As I was walking around the store I thought for a minute about Yahtzee. The box is kind of big; the rolling-area is the biggest culprit of this used space. That and the myriad of sheets.

“We really don’t need all that noise,” I thought. I looked around some more in the toys section and noticed the Yahtzee score cards; only $4.99. Five dice were just over a buck! That was a much better deal.

I walked away from this exchange feeling empty though also. This got me thinking about paper. Why do we need all this paper, I wondered. When I posed the question to my wife about making our own Yahtzee score card sheet, she said, ‘Why not?!’ We always have our computers open anyway; if we were playing Yahtzee we’d probably have our computers on, listening to some tunes or something like that.

So I opted not for the full board game, not for the dice and Yahtzee score cards, and I just bought the dice which cost me less than two dollars. I took this unwieldy enterprise of board game, cup, dice, and papers which would likely go wildly all over the place and replaced them with a simple, easy to keep track of set of dice and my computer desktop scorecard.

I realized I was probably not the first individual to think of this and when I Googled Yahtzee Score card, my suppositions were validated. There are any number of places you can download the PDF of a Yahtzee score card (1).

So play on players and keep rolling those dice for the win. Yahtzee!