Breaking “American Idol” News – Front Runner Lauren May Be Out and Illinois Native Haley Reinhart In, Show Finale!

If you follow “American Idol,” this week’s finale may be a real shocker – according to, fan favorite, Lauren Alaina, could pull out of the competition due to an illness, and the booted contestant who finished in 3rd place, Illinois native Haley Reinhart, may be back in the running in pursuit of her Idol dreams.

As I was perusing through Facebook today, this mind blowing news popped up on my screen because I have my favorite reality news gossip show, TMZ, as one of my Facebook friends.

I’m not sure how you feel about this one, but for me, I was shaking my head, mostly in disgust. No offense to Haley, she’s a talented kid, even though I am not a fan of her sassy, diva-like attitude, but what struck me the most was that here is Lauren, one of the best throughout the entire season, hours away from possibly winning the whole competition, and she may have to step down because she lost her voice. Wow, I can only imagine what she is feeling right about now.

Overall, this was a good year for “American Idol.” The best part for me was getting to see Steven Tyler as the judge. Even though I was practically in tears when my beloved Brit,Simon Cowell, the years-long object of my affections, stepped down from the show, I was thrilled to see Aerosmith lead singer (and one of the best front men in music), Steven Tyler, join the program, It was fun to hear his often times hilarious comments and enjoy his “rocker cool” persona. Even though Steven and fellow judge, Jennifer Lopez, were too soft with their contestant critiques, it was still fun to see them and Randy Jackson, and their natural chemistry and playful attitude. It made the show very entertaining, even when some of the performers were less than thrilling.

My favorite contestant of the year, James Durbin, was undeservedly cut way too soon, but I kept watching. For me, he should have been up there in the finale, but alas, other performers that I loved like Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry also suffered the same fate, but look where they ended up – superstars. So, James, you’re on the right path!

I know there are a lot of “American Idol” finale parties going on this week around the city and suburbs, so I’m sure today’s recent events will add a whole lot more talking, drinking, and head spinning moments at bars, restaurants and home parties around town.

The two-night “American Idol” finale shows will air Tuesday, May 24th and Wednesday, May 25th on Fox TV.