Branched Chain Amino Acids and Longevity

Branched chain amino acids and longevity were one of the hot topics in a May 2011 issue of Life Extension. In a recent study of a journal referred to as Cell Metabolism, respected for it’s reliability, revealed compelling research that credits branched chain amino acids, called that because of their chemical structure, with anti-aging and longevity. Some of the highlights of that article are as follows.

Mitochondria Biogenesis

A complicated way of referring to the regeneration of the mitochondria, or energy portion of the cell, is mitochondria biogenesis. In the research that was done for the journal Cell Metabolism, it was found that BCAA’s activate cellular components that are helpful in enhancing cell function as well as increasing cell numbers. This is combined with the ability of the BCAA’s to increase the function of a specific gene known for longevity, that the nutrient resveratrol acts upon called sirtuin-1. This combination of actions boosts cellular regeneration significantly making for a more thriving life environment.

Essential Amino Acids

Amino acids are the foundation of what comprises a complete protein. There are twenty two of them and they are responsible for the foundation of life, because they are the catalysts that put metabolic cellular function into motion. Some amino acids are essential, these include leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These are essential because they must be obtained from outside sources in the diet, and the others can be manufactured by the body. In the Cell Metabolism study, research was implemented to find out the role of BCAA’s in their ability to increase longevity and life span.

Benefits of BCAA’s

One of the more distinctive benefits of BCAA’s is the fact that they do not undergo normal metabolic changes in the liver when they are consumed in the diet. Instead they become absorbed directly into the bloodstream. From there the BCAA’s create muscle energy immediately and are used by the muscular system to restore, repair and build more muscle. In this way they help to maintain the youthful energy we need for overall well being.

Research has also shown promising evidence that BCAA’s are also helpful in maintaining good muscle mass throughout the aging process, as well as possessing antioxidant qualities to damaging oxidants that can breakdown muscle mass.

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