BP Gulf Oil Spill by the Numbers

One year after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, triggering one of the world’s worst environmental disasters in history, the effects are still seen across the Gulf coast. Relatives of the 11 victims of the oil rig explosion are marking the anniversary by flying over the Gulf. Also, vigils are being held in Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi and Alabama to remember the spill.

Things are seemingly returning to normal-tourists are returning to the coast, and food has been labeled safe for consumption. But the oil spill and the effects it will have in the future are far from certain. Let’s take a look at some important facts and figures about the explosion and its aftermath.

11: The number of men killed during the rig explosion.

152: The number of days the oil spill was active and spreading.

4.9 million: The total number of barrels of oil spilled into the gulf from April 20, 2010, to Sept. 19, 2010, as reported by Restore the Gulf.

1,600: The number of miles the oil spill spread out over the Gulf coast.

1.07 million: The number of gallons of chemical dispersants applied to try to dissolve the oil. It is still not clear what effect these chemicals will have on the environment.

800,000: The number of barrels of oily water captured from the Gulf.

47: The number of international assistance offers accepted by the United States government. Canada, Norway, Japan, France, China and Russia were among the many foreign governments that responded.

2000: The number of responders still trying to clean up the Gulf of Mexico, and the beaches affected by the oil spill one year later.

54 percent: How much BP’s stock fell in the months after the spill.

$20 billion: The amount BP set aside for victims of the disaster.

$3.8 billion: The amount paid to date for claims from the victims of the disaster.

$40.9 billion: The estimated amount the oil spill will cost BP.

128: The number of dolphins and whales harmed by the oil spill. 390 additional dolphins and whales were stranded on the beaches.

8,209: The number of birds from 102 species harmed by the oil spill. According to the Center of Biological Diversity, this includes sandwich terns, northern gannets, black skimmers, clapper rails, and pelicans. Oiled birds continue to be found, but the U.S. government has stopped reporting the numbers.

1,146: The number of sea turtles harmed by the oil spill. 87 of the dead turtles were washed ashore.


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