Boys Birthday Party Ideas for the Outdoors: Street Hockey, Capture the Flag, Nerf Gun Battle

Planning birthday parties is not always easy. It is hard to come up with a good birthday party idea that is original and inexpensive. Boys are a little more challenging since their energy level is amped up a notch or two. I find parties for boys that take place outdoors and involve lots of running around are the best. Here are a few boy birthday party ideas that you will find fit this criteria of cheap, easy and fun. These outdoor birthday party ideas probably work best with 8-11 year olds.

Street Hockey Birthday Party. For my son’s 10th birthday, he wanted to play street hockey and have pizza. To get enough street hockey sticks together we borrowed a few from neighbors. I also managed to gather up another 6 or 7 from thrift stores and garage sales. With sticks and a few tennis balls in hand and the rain starting to pour down, (we do live in Portland, Oregon after all), we headed up to the elementary school where there is a covered play area. The boys played non-stop for an hour straight. They would have played longer if we had more time and it wasn’t getting dark. After the hockey game is was back home for pizza, presents and cake. For party favors we purchased packets of Magic the Gathering cards to hand out as kids went home.

Capture the Flag Birthday Party. My son loved the capture the flag party he went to because it was at night and in a park. The parent hosting the party brought the boys to the park. The boys were instructed to bring their own flashlights. While the parent sat under a blanket in a camp chair reading with a headlamp, the boys ran wild playing capture the flag with flashlights. Of course this could also take place during the day but the nighttime factor made it a little extra exciting. If you choose the night option, this works best with a smaller group since it is at night and a little harder to supervise.

Nerf Gun Battle Birthday Party. My son recently went to two different Nerf Gun Battle Birthday Parties. One was held outdoors at a nearby park and the other was held in a rented out gym at a community center. Both were very fun. In both cases, the hosts provided the bullets and the kids brought their own nerf guns of their choosing. Outdoor nerf gun battles are always a little more challenging since bullets are not contained. Since there is no need to rent a space it is definitely a cheaper way to go. The gym was nice too since the boys were allowed to use gym mats to make fox holes. The whole nerf gun battle then morphed into a dodge ball game. This proved to be a very active birthday party. Active is always good when it comes to a birthday party for boys.

All of these outdoor birthday party ideas will give the kids a great workout and make them nice and tired when it’s time for cake. Remember to have lots of water on hand, especially if the weather is hot. Don’t be afraid to try these even if you live in a place like Portland, Oregon where you can’t count on dry weather. Kids don’t mind getting a little wet and in some ways, it makes it more fun.

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