Boycottting McDonalds and Starbucks

Well, I certainly taught Starbucks a lesson.

As if they care.

But the Starbucks is right across from the computer lab. So it is the easiest place to get coffee. And the most expensive. But my day didn’t start off right. Normally I walk to work and stop by McDonalds. You can’t beat 55 cents for senior coffee.

Except his morning I had a late start. Because my daughter didn’t return the key I needed.

“No problem dad, I will give it to you by seven.”

Why do I still believe them???

So she brought it over. Late. Which means I had to walk to work. Fast. So I didn’t have time to stop at McDonalds.

No problem. Taught a class, Over by nine. Stop by Starbucks , right on campus, for coffee.

Except I couldn’t . As I walked towards Starbucks every fiber of my being was screaming NO NO NO. Who was I to pay over $3 for a cup of coffee. Was I Bill Gates’ long lost uncle? Was I about to discover an oil well? Was that last royalty check I recieved, a whole $50, going to pay for my old age.

What was I thinking? $3 for coffee. NO NO NO.

So I taught Starbucks a lesson. I walked five blocks to the nearest McDonalds. Which was right across the street from the construction site. Hello? I didn’t put two and two together until I walked into McDonalds. There was a long line of construction workers. All getting breakfast at McDonalds.

No wonder construction takes so long. They’ are all at McDonald’s .

So I taught McDonalds a lesson. There was no way I was going to stand in line for twenty minutes for coffee.

In fact, after the lessons I taught Starbucks and McDonalds, I know their stock is going to plunge. But as I left more construction workers were streaming into cDonalds. Remind me to build a McDonald’s across form a construction site. Instant gold mind. Better yet, have a McDonalds on wheels you can move to the next big building project, when this one is over.

But never mind, I trudged back to the computer lab. Sure I glanced over at Starbucks, waiting to see an employee standing in the door, waving me over saying “Phil, we value your business so much, we will give you free coffee FOREVER.”

Except the employees were too busy taking care of all the students lined up outside the door and around the block.

Oh they will be sorry when I don’t EVER come back. A man must have principles.

But I must rather have coffee. Which I don’t have.

Yep, I sure taught corporate America a lesson today. Starbucks and McDonalds will be sorry. Meanwhile I have gone all morning without coffee.

Somehow this is not working out the way I planned. It never does.