Boycott of ABC Network Due to One Life to Live and All My Children Cancellation

The fans of One Life to Live and All My Children aren’t going let their shows die without a fight. Viewers of the two canceled soap operas are boycotting the ABC network. In thinking outside the box, the fans are asking advertisers to join them in boycotting ABC network until the soap operas are revived from cancellation.

Hoover was the first advertiser to yank their ABC ads, which will be effective on April 22nd or sooner if it can be done. This resulted in Hoover’s “like” rating on Facebook to jump from around 3,000 to almost 13,000 in only 24 hours. Hoover also setup an e-mail account for fans to send messages regarding the cancellation that will be passed along to their contacts at ABC, which is [email protected]

Boycotting to keep a program on the air is certainly a reversal of tactics, as usually networks are boycotted to have shows cancelled. At first thought it seems like a bad idea since the soap operas were cancelled in part due to money issues. In fact, All My Children has been over-budget for a long time. But really, targeting the advertisers is a great method. Advertisers canceling ads due to the soaps’ cancellation sends a clear message to ABC that it was the wrong decision to cancel the beloved soaps in the only language that they understand – in dollars and cents!

The save our soaps groups aren’t just contacting advertisers, but they’re also not watching any show on ABC except for the daytime soap operas. Castle seems to be the only show in dispute because the character of Castle is played by Nathan Fillion (former Joey Buchanan on One Life to Live).

But are the fans efforts making an impact?

Dancing with the Stars is one of ABC’s most popular programs. However, the fans of One Life to Live and All My Children boycotting that program caused the ratings to fall 13%.

ABC’s overall primetime ratings have dropped this week with FOX moving into first place.

Last week, Entertainment Tonight (ET) reported that soap fans were heavily commenting on their Facebook page about the cancellation. If the postings continue, ET may give the effort more publicity which is ironic since it airs on ABC.

Fans are now targeting even more advertisers to have them pull their advertising from ABC including Hershey’s and General Mills.

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