Bosses: How to Motivate a Lazy Worker

Are you a boss struggling to motivate a lazy worker? Don’t give up. Here are six tips that will help you bring focus and productivity out of him. Apply them and turn a fledgling employee into a star player.

Tip 1. Ban distractions.

Does your lazy worker play on his phone all day or cruise Facebook? Ban the use of them. They are distractions that only further aide him in being unproductive. He may get upset at your decision, but you’re the boss. Use your authority to make your team better.

Tip 2. Set daily goals.

Motivate your lazy worker by giving him daily goals to complete. Start off with three clear tasks and build upon them. Be sure to check in on him throughout the day to see his progress. If he isn’t making much headway, find out why. By asking him a few questions, you will keep him accountable and show you are serious.

Tip 3. Identify his passion.

What turns your lazy worker on? Is he techie or a sports lover? Find a way to combine his passion with the job. By doing so, you will get him excited about work. He will take more charge of his career and be the kind of employer you want.

Tip 4. Provide regular feedback.

Another way to motivate a lazy worker is by giving him feedback. Meet regularly with him to discuss his impact on the workplace. Provide examples of how his actions affect the team and management. Give him the good, bad and ugly of his performance, so he has a vivid picture of how he fits in with the company.

Tip 5. Praise his achievements.

When you see your lazy worker turning himself around and succeeding, praise him. Verbally laud his behavior. Give him a Starbucks card. Take him to lunch. Let him experience the joy of being on top.

Tip 6. Give him consequences.

A final way to motivate a lazy worker is to give him consequences. Don’t let your feelings for him keep you from showing him the door. No one deserves to be paid for doing nothing – or much of nothing. Make this concept clear to your employee. After the initial warning and write up, he’ll either tow the line or give you the opportunity to replace him.

Bosses – use these six tips to motivate your lazy worker. You may be surprised to find out how much he can offer the company when challenged in the “right” way.

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