“Born This Way”: Things We Don’t like About Ourselves

Last week’s episode was a HUGE letdown and mainly because it really didn’t go anywhere. The only emotional aspect of the episode was when Holly Holliday (Gwyneth Paltrow) revealed that she was taking a teaching job in another state. However, lets face the fact that no episode could top “Original Songs” the last episode to premiere back in March. That episode had it all.

Okay, enough of my ramblings and let me get down to the point of this week’s episode. “Born This Way” was everything that I enjoy about an episode of “Glee.” It had a plot, it had GREAT music, it had a valuable lesson and it had quotable lines.

New Directions was getting prepared for Nationals, which meant that they needed to brush up on their dance moves (Here is looking at you, Finn!). Finn accidentally hit Rachel in the nose, which made her make an appointment with a doctor who suggested (more like used her weakness) for her to get a nose job which would open up her airways thus allowing her to hit higher notes. Rachel saw this as a chance to be Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand or Mariah Carey. However, this sparked a debate among the Glee Club and Mr. Shue.

While talking to the group, Santana so creatively and bluntly pointed out to the group the things that they did not like about themselves. Most of what she said was true and that is why she was pointing out why Rachel wanted a nose job in the first place. This forced Mr. Shue to teach them a lesson by having them sing songs about themselves.

Rachel wanted a nose like Quinn’s which is why she brought her to the doctor with her. This gave both girls a really nice chance to bond and to sing the mash-up I Feel Pretty / Unpretty, which was an amazing opening to the episode. This brought back memories of the “Unpretty” video by TLC, which featured a girl contemplating breast surgery.

A lot of the episode, which focused on looks and what people don’t like about themselves, tied in nicely with the theme of Prom and the upcoming race for Prom Queen. Quinn pretty much believed that she was a shoo-in but forgot that she wasn’t the only one running. Puck managed to convince Lauren to compete for the crown, which forced Quinn to be blunt with her about people laughing at her if she won Prom Queen. I thought this development between the two was very funny, but the story took a dark turn when Lauren dug up dirt on Quinn and found out that she used to be fat, zitty and went to a different school. This gave Quinn a chance at being human and proved to the audience why she is constantly being a byotch at the school.

Lets not forget about our resident byotch: Santana. She spent most of the episode stealing scenes from her co-stars by delivering lines at the speed of a race car and by showing that there is a lot of depth to her. She is one of the characters that is constantly evolving. Santana is also in the race for Queen, but realizes that most people know that she is a true byotch. She figures by having Dave (as her fake boyfriend) and by convincing Kurt to come back to school, she will win the votes of the Glee Club and the jock votes. She pretty much blackmails Dave after she catches him looking at Sam’s butt. She lets him know that they both are closeted gays and that they need each other.

Long live Kurt! We all knew it was a matter of time before Kurt returned to McKinley High, especially after The Warblers lost the competition. It was a touching scene for Blaine and the Warblers to sing Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” as Kurt’s departing song.

The other touching scene of the episode was Will trying to convince Emma to admit that she was OCD, which was the whole point of the episode. She even managed to go see a therapist (Kathleen Quinleen) who told her that she had a bad case of OCD. It was good to see a different side of Emma.

This made the whole group wear white T-shirts where they put words or a phrase that they didn’t like about themselves and sang Lady GaGa’s “Born This Way.” In the end, the lesson was that the thing that makes you unique is the same thing that people use to crush your dreams, as Mercedes put it so well.

What things did you like or dislike about the episode? Overall opinion?