Borderless World of Knowledge

We are now blessed with knowledge at our finger tips. All news and views that have been expressed are readily available and open for debate. We can pick and choose what we want to read, believe, assimilate and discard; entirely up to us. The greatest works are on line at little cost. It is only getting better by the day. We are able to publish our views, like we do at this site, and debate them with others; a meaningful platform like many others.

We were much restricted generations ago. We could not even openly disagree or debate those that were the accepted norm. And the news was also edited by governments and the publishers. There was no easy forum to air the views by the man in the street to reach a wide audience. But such times are truly past. The world has changed forever. It is indeed a breath of fresh air, thanks to technology and our ingenuity to seek the truth.

Of course, there are two sides to the coin. Knowledge proves deadly if misused. And there are many enemies living amidst us! Tough to separate them from mainstream; almost like a multi-headed hydra! When we feel we have scored a victory, we are soon caught napping! Maybe, a natural reality of creation to keep us on our toes all the time! Life has to have a meaning, not everything is provided for on a silver platter!

With so much at our command to better our lives, are we really enjoying the fruits of our labor and the gifts bestowed on us increasingly? The outcome is debatable; as we are fighting fires endlessly! We fight to stay where we are on a daily basis almost till the last days. The days of retirement to shake our legs in peace look to be past! We are literally on the run, to make sense of what is happening around us and even at the far corners of the world. We need to be involved not to lose touch, but mostly as spectators!

We have an inborn fear to stay alert, like a deer in the forest! Though we can take precautions against nature to an extent, it is tougher against our own! Some prove more unpredictable than nature! There is no rhyme or reason for certain behavior. We can get caught up overnight with skirmishes across a world that is proving to be borderless in every way!

The glaring failing is our inability, despite all the up-to-date information, to meet the yearnings of the vast majority. There is an air of helplessness in finding a unifying force to tackle issues that are tearing us apart. We know what we want but do not know how to marshal our resources. The platforms are available spanning across the globe and the enemies can be identified and cornered, but we lose track. We have the riches but rudderless to reach our destination safely.

The challenge before us to take next step forward is to stay focused; that is what the management pundits advise the corporate heavy weights. But countries need such wisdom in greater scale. We lose our focus on a daily basis, caught up in a web of deceit and hypocrisy. We lack coherent policies despite knowing what the man in the street wants; peace of mind and stability. No need for hyperbole, just the basics put across and implemented on a daily basis to meet the aspirations. The needs are simple, the tools are already at hand but we lose track still!

The real irony is the whole world is more than united for the common ideals, despite superficial dissimilarities. Scratch the surface; we are made of the same stuff. Look at the skeletons, all look the same; only an expert can differentiate us through DNA analysis! We have everything already within us to take us to another level of peaceful coexistence not only among us but also in harmony with nature with self sustaining lifestyles. The more we learn of the wonders of creation, the more are the possibilities to unravel and enjoy our lives. A global village of oneness and harmony beckons us and it is within the cusp of reality; but our innate negative traits thwart us; a sad miss between the cup and the lip! Maybe, we lack borderless leaders!