Book Review: Turn in the Road by Debbie Macomber

Turn in the Road by New York Bestselling author Debbie Macomber is the latest installment in the Blossom Street series. This book was a breath of fresh air after reading paranormal books for the last few months and it was nice to just be able to read a simple and contemporary romance. Debbie Macomber seems to always write a romance or a novel that keeps you interested but also lets you know the simple things in life. The simple things are basically family and friendship and what they mean to each person. Turn in the Road was a book that I could not put down and did not want to end. Even when I was doing other things, I was thinking about this book. This book was about family, friendship, divorce, falling in love again, and finding that one thing in life that can either complete you or not. This is the story about three generations: a grandmother, a mother, and a daughter, on a journey together, and of a discovery like no other.

Bethanne, is on discovery. She is a divorced mother of two adult children and is in a situation that she needs clarification for. Her ex husband wants her back and she is not certain as to what to do. Grant; her ex-husband, hurt her very badly when he left her, but now it is many years later, and he wants her back. Grant is contrite about what he did to her and wishes desperately to get her back. She still cares for him but she struggled mighty to overcome many obstacles to get where she is now. She made a new life for herself and made something of herself. She basically had to reinvent herself after the divorce. She is not the same person that she was when they were married and does not want to go back to that person that she was. So when her ex-mother-in-law makes an announcement that she is heading to a fiftieth years high school class reunion alone, cross country; she makes the decision that she is going with her. She thinks maybe if she goes on this ship, she can make a decision that will change her life and everyone around her.

Ruth; the ex-mother-in-law, is also on a journey. She wants to attend her fiftieth high school class reunion and she is determined to do it alone, until everyone finds out and is in an uproar. Her family is not happy with what she is planning and they are very vocal about it, until Bethanne comes up with a plan that almost makes everyone happy. Ruth wants to reconnect with her past, especially an old boyfriend that she hurt very badly in the past. She is afraid of what she will find, but at the same time, she is excited about going. Her granddaughter also makes a decision about going along, since she also has a reason to go. Ruth will make a discovery along the way that will change everything that she knew.

Annie; Bethanne’s daughter, and Ruth’s granddaughter, is in a situation that she is not sure how to handle. She is an adult and just broke up with her boyfriend. She made a discovery about the man she was involved with and she did not handle it well, so she made a decision to go with her family to get back at him. Along the way, Annie will make some friends and make some discoveries herself.

As these three women travel towards their destination, they will see some amazing sights and go to some amazing destinations. They will visit Las Vegas and Branson, Missouri. And to complicate matters, Bethanne’s decision to reconcile with her ex-husband is put to the test when she meets someone that she connects to on many levels. The man she meets is so different than her ex that it makes matters even more troubling. She thought her decision to reconcile was going smoothly, but then she meets Max, who has an equally troubled past. She connects with Max and despite the disapproval of her family, she does what she feels she should. She feels something more than she thought possible with this man and he feels the same. She is confused by everything but in the end she knows that she needs to make a decision.

It was nice to read a good story that is family friendly and nothing like suspense happening. Just an ordinary story telling about family, friendship, and so forth. Of course, there is nothing ordinary about Debbie Macomber. She is an extraordinary author that writes what most authors do not write about anymore. I enjoyed reading this book and hated for the story to end. There are not many books that just grab me like this one did and I would highly recommend this book to those who wish to read her. It is an old fashioned read that takes you back when stories were stories and there was no sex involved. I really enjoyed this book and there may not have been the usual suspense involved, but she did give you moments where you thought something was going to happen. If you like to read Debbie Macomber or have never read her, then this book is for you. Just one book will make you a fan of Debbie Macomber.