Boil Home Remedies: Tips for Natural Solutions

Boils are a common part of our human disease and illness spectrum and are often easily managed at home. If you are suffering from boil development on your skin, it is important to consider what boil home remedies can resolve your complication without the need for traditional medical care.

While a boil can be quite painful, in most cases of development they are harmless. The key to resolving the boil complication at home lies in the early detection and early application of treatment before deeper layers of tissue are adversely affected. If you suffer from recurring boils, the home remedy supplies should be kept on-hand at all times to ensure you have the supplies as soon as the symptoms manifest.

A common boil home remedy involves using fresh garlic and fresh onion. Mixing these two food products in a food processor, creating a mashed paste, will provide an easy application for boil healing. The boil home remedy using this paste will cause the fluid on the inside of the boil to come to the head of the infection and rupture, allowing for oxygen to pass into the boil and speed healing.

Apply the onion garlic paste three times per day and allow it to sit on the boil for 20 minutes, and then wash clean. Once the boil has ruptured, clean the infected area with an over-the-counter triple antibiotic cream and allow to air dry. Do not cover the boil unless there is a risk for further infection as you’ll want oxygen to reach the boil to speed up tissue recovery. While some patients believe that a hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment can reduce boils, these are costly and so using this home remedy can be the greatest cost saving solution.

If, after using this boil home remedy, you find that your tissue is hardened, redder, and causing greater pain, this could be indicative of a greater underlying infection. When this type of boil complication develops, medical attention by a licensed healthcare provider will be necessary. Never try to apply additional garlic or onion paste to the boil area after the boil has ruptured.

Many health ailments we suffer from can be naturally treated at home using home remedies. Because boils are not life threatening, they can often be treated and healed at home using boil home remedies from simple everyday items you have in your food pantry. When suffering from recurring boil complications, always carry these supplies in the event another boil arises.

Sources: The Doctors Book of Home Remedies, by Don Barone