Body Mind Interaction

A school going child complains he is having tension, a house wife complains she is under severe stress, an employed person complains he is having lot of mental worries in connection with his office work – persons of all ages and walks of life are having mental worry and tension in one way or the other. To a certain extent, it is all right. It is normal for a boy appearing for an examination to have tension to a limited extent. It helps him to concentrate and perform well in the examination. Similarly, it s natural for a footballer playing in a tournament to have some tension, as it generates competitive spirit in him and he can play well.

But the problem arises when the tension exceeds the border line. The border line depends upon the individual concerned – his age, mental disposition, family circumstances and the specific environment in which he is surrounded in.

If we analyze the living style of our ancestors, it can be seen that they were able to lead a calm and peaceful life devoid of too much worry or tension. The stress which the people of the present generation is confronted with is a creation of the modern environment in which the present society is compelled to live.

Physical Ailment v/s Mental Tension

Physical ailments are normally caused due to bacteria or viruses of various kinds. The medicine and dosage depends on the particular disease and the condition of the patient. Nervous tension is a psychosomatic disease caused due to the malfunctioning of the body mind interaction. Due to nervous tension, various physical ailments may crop up. It may be in the form of aches, hyper tension, heart attack, insomnia, depression, cancer, ulcer, diabetes etc. Also mental tension may be exhibited in the form of anger, quarrel, anxiety, impatience or fear. This in turn causes tension in the family.

Remedial Action

In this case, the best doctor is the patient himself. If one is able to control his emotions and lead a balanced life, he will be able to control his worry and stress to a certain extent. For this, he will have to chalk out a life plan and follow it truthfully. The dictum ‘ËœA sound mind in a sound body ‘Ëœis perfectly apt. One should tune his daily activities in such a manner that he is able to control his nervous tension and lead a peaceful life. Some tips in this connection are:

– Be optimistic

– Spare time to relax

– Have proper sleep

– Be systematic in activities

– Listen to some good music

– Take life easily; have a hearty laugh

– Try to share and discuss your problems with friends and colleagues.

– Have a brisk walk in the morning

– Meditate

– In case of anger and worry, take a deep breath and remain silent for

a short spell.