Body Metabolism is Important for Your Weight Control and Fitness

Metabolism is probably a word that you have heard countless times if you have ever been involved in sports, fitness or a diet. Metabolism literally means “transformation, or change”, from the Greek language. You probably also have heard high metabolism is good, and low metabolism is bad, and then wonder what does this all mean? It is true that high metabolism is beneficial to your body. Let’s find out what it all means in everyday language.

Simply, metabolism is all the processes that your body must go through constantly to keep it maintained. Metabolism converts food and the air that we breathe into energy and other byproducts. As long as this is accomplished, the miracle of our life is sustained. Our body amazingly keeps all its parts functioning, repairing damaged tissues, and getting rid of toxins thanks to metabolism. There are two categories of metabolism, catabolism and anabolism. Catabolism simply beaks down food to give energy, while anabolism (cellular respiration) uses energy to build parts of cells, such as nucleic acids and proteins. Both are needed to maintain a healthy body, and to just keep us alive!

Your metabolism aids in digestion and absorption of needed nutrients. Metabolism is affected by hydration, your physical activity, and nutrition. Each one of these three is critical for your optimal metabolic functioning. As a result, a healthy metabolism is needed for weight loss

M etabolism aids in digestive function as well as absorption of nutrients . It is most affected by nutrition, hydration and physical activity. Each of these items is an imperative aspect of optimum metabolic health. When any one of these is lacking, the metabolic rate decreases. Consequently, weight loss and weight maintenance are directly related to healthy metabolism . When you skip meals, or start consuming a large amount of calories suddenly, your metabolism slows down. When this happens, your body will begin to store fat in those undesirable places. You must have physical exercise along with a slight drop in daily calorie intake. If your goal is to simply lose weight, you will also look and feel better if you combine some physical activity with eating fewer calories per day. Metabolism is important for your total well-being.

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