Body Language of the Feet May Answer ‘Does She like You?’

How can you tell if a girl likes you? Even those who are aware of the power body language holds, and the ability someone may have to read body language (leading others to attempt to control body movements) probably do not know that a huge amount of information may be communicated through the movement of feet. This becomes especially interesting when one investigates body language in order to learn if a member of the opposite sex is interested. If turns out, because people are generally much less aware of their feet movements, reading foot body language can answer the question “Does she like you?”

One of Britain’s top psychologists, Professor Geoff Beattie, investigated such a matter. Interested in how the question “Does she like you?” may be answered by body language of the feet, he watched a number of various situations featuring different subjects reacting naturally to differing interpersonal stimuli. The professor found that if a women crosses her legs, she is subconsciously saying that she does not particularly care for the men with which she is interacting. Furthermore, feet may be moved so that they adopt a more wide stance (that is, they may move their legs further away from each other) if a girl likes you.

This makes sense in terms of identifying if a girl likes you. Consider for a moment that shy people tend to have more fidgety body language and tend to jitter or otherwise more their feet. Consider also that this type of body movement and language probably occurs more readily in those who are shy rather than those who are calm and confident because shy people tend to be more anxious, or more highly affected by what is going on. That is to say, they jitter their feet because they are more emotionally sensitive to what is going on. It follows that a girl would display similar body language with her feet when she is interested in a man; if a girl likes you she’ll be more sensitive to what you say and display this with her subconscious foot motions. At least, that is how the theory goes.

However, if she shuffles or twitches her feet, she probably does have feelings for the person with which she is conversing or looking at. Though, it is important to remember that every person is unique and that body language, even that of a body part generally ignored by the person in question, is never 100 percent accurate. Therefore, while a woman’s feet movements may reveal her true feelings, there is never an absolute way of figuring out if a girl likes you unless you actually ask her.

What about men? Can a man’s foot related body language answer the question “Does he like her?” Apparently, men do not subconsciously move their feet, or at the very least, generally do not. Therefore, there is no conclusive data to suggest what men will be saying when they move or do not move their feet. Women will just have to make due with the more well known types of body language, such as facial reactions and hand gestures.


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