Bluffing Your Way Around Any 2011 NBA Finals Discussion

The 2010-11 NBA Championships

Right after Memorial Day, people you will be with in a daily basis will most probably be discussing the NBA and a few may actually be holding heated discussions regarding this year’s NBA Finals.

Los Angeles Lakers – Boston Celtics

Make sure you have something to say on the off chance that you are asked your opinion or you are forced to join in the fray. Remember last year’s finalists, perennial champions the Celtics and the Lakers were eliminated in the second round of the playoffs this year.

The San Antonio Spurs and the Orlando Magic were even upset right in the first round. (Here’s something to think about, since the last Bulls/Michael Jordan Era ended 13 years ago, in 11 of those years there has been at least a Laker, a Celtic, a Spurs or a Magic team in the finals).

Dallas Mavericks – Miami Heat

So even if you didn’t see a single game of the just concluded NBA Playoffs, just remember the Mavericks swept the Lakers (the defending champs, 4-0) and went all the way to win the Western Conference Finals.

Even if you didn’t get to catch a single game of the NBA regular season, just remember that Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls is this season’s MVP. The Bulls had the best record with 62 wins out of 82 games (I’ll do the math for you, they only had 20 losses) and the Heat schooled them to win the Eastern Conference Finals.

Hence the Mavericks and the Heat will meet in this year’s NBA World Championship.

Even if you didn’t know that both teams, the Mavs (short for the Mavericks) and the Heat first met in the NBA Finals in 2006 (it was the first appearance for both in the finals), this will be the second appearance for the both of them and coincidentally they are once again fighting one another for the title. De javu. (So now you know the only two years where there was no LA, Boston, San Antonio or Orlando team in the finals at least since the Jordan Era. Because they were both Mavs-Heat Finals–2006 and 2011).

Even if you didn’t know that the Mavericks had the home court advantage in 2006 (because they had more wins in the regular season than the Heat), it didn’t mean anything because the Heat beat them four straight games after losing the first two games and trailing 2-0.

Remember, home court advantage means, the first two games is played in their home court and the last game or in this case, game seven and deciding game if needed is played in their arena (big advantage right there–for a total of four games at home versus three on the road).

Best of Seven Finals

The NBA Finals like the NBA Playoffs are played best of seven, meaning there are a maximum of seven games and the first team winning four games will be declared the winner.

Even if you do not know who Eric Spoelstra is, well you need to know who he is. He is the head coach of the Miami Heat. He was their assistant coach in 2006, their head coach at the time was Pat Riley, who is now the team’s President.

Even if you don’t know Rick Carlisle, you would look really cool if you did. He is the head coach of the other team, the Dallas Mavericks. He played alongside Larry Bird in the Boston Celtics.

He has coached two other NBA teams, the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons before he went to Dallas in 2008.

Lebron James and company

Even if you don’t know who the players are, all you need to know are at least three from each team; Miami Heat – Dwayne Wade (he was a part of the 2006 champion team), Lebron James (the King) he was and is still controversial for moving from the Cleveland Cavaliers for this season and Chris Bosh, formerly of the Toronto Raptors but like James have moved to Miami to become the New Big Three of the East.

Formerly, that title went to the Big Three of the Boston Celtics – Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnnett and Ray Allen. You can add their point guard, Rajon Rondo and make it their Big Four.

Dirk Nowitzki and company

Even though it’s hard to imagine that you do not know that the Lakers have Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, but for the sake of argument that you don’t, then you should know that the Dallas Mavericks have Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry.

Some of the Mav’s older players are also having terrific seasons this year, among them Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion and Peja Stojakovic. Throw in their point guard J.J Barea to complete the picture.

So even if you don’t like the NBA, even if you do not like basketball at all, but if you know all these you can then try to bluff or lie yourself in many NBA discussions. And you could possibly get away with it.

Eastern Conference

Lastly what do you answer if they ask you who would win the crown this year? If you live in the East and you know that your audience are not all die-hard Celtic or Bulls fans, then you could say, you would favor the Miami Heat because they have won a title already and that they have home court advantage.

Western Conference

If you are from the West and you aren’t surrounded by hard-core Laker fan, then you could say you would want the Dallas Mavericks to win because you like Dirk (Dallas main man) more than Lebron (Miami’s) and they would probably be matched up on and off the court. And that the Mav’s oldtimers (Terry, Kidd, Marion) deserve the title more than the deserters which are now in Miami (James and Bosh). No offense to Heat fans.

In the End, the Ball is Round and Anything can Happen and the Refs Can Again Play A Big Role On Who Would Eventually Win

Just remember, actually watching at least the first game of the Finals would be the next best thing and don’t blame me if you get hooked on watching the rest of the series if not the league next year.

Now you are ready. Let the games and the discussions begin.