“Blood on My Hands” Part 1

“Blood on my hands” Part 1

“What did you do!? as Jimmy rushes to the dirty filthy sink in his bug infested cobweb apartment. He runs hot water to wash the victims blood off of his hands and face with a dirty wash cloth that he hadn’t washed in a week. Blood flows down the drain while Jimmy panics and shakes, trying to scrub the blood out of his skin. Sitting in an old squeaky chair stained and torn from years of use. Ray responded saying, “because you wanted me to in a calm deep voice.

“What? I just wanted a sandwich from the guy Jimmy said. Rays voice gets more louder as he gets frustrated with Jimmy. Yeah! just like you wanted one last week and the other week! I just helped you get it! You were starving and you asked for it! Ray said. “Everyday you go to this low life food truck punk! and you beg him for food and he throws crap at you because you look like a bum! And you get on your knees for him and what do you get in return?

Jimmy looks up at his bathroom mirror and looks at ray staring back at him in the old chair behind him. Ray answers “Nothing!, He was disrespecting you Jimmy and I’m you’re best friend so I helped you get what you needed! “

Jimmy paused still in shock from the incident.. He walked fast into the living room to reach the telephone sitting on a small crooked table beside ray and picked it up with is left hand. “No..no… no..no ! I’m calling the police! Jimmy says. Ray puts his left hand on top of Jimmies left hand and slams the phone back down. “They already know and they’re on there way right now said ray in a calmer tone. “The shoe tracks and blood are everywhere and they know exactly where we are ray said.

You hated him and wanted him dead didn’t you Jimmy? Ray said. Jimmy put both of his hands on his head and fell to his knees to think for a second in between what just happened and Rays words. He trembled in fear and looked back at Ray sitting in the chair. And said yes in a low tone. “I didn’t deserve to be treated that way.. but I.. I wasn’t really going to do it Ray” It was just a thought.

But you did do it Jimmy, Ray said. Jimmy had a really confused look on his face and said “What? What are you talking about? Jimmy said. “You did it Jimmy, Ray said with a devilish grin on his face.” I saw you slam the guy on the ground and stab him to death! It was you! said Jimmy as he stands back up to his feet and points at Ray in the chair. Ray looks at him still with a devilish grin and then shouts back at him ” Then! why! didn’t I have any blood on my hands and you did! Jimmy?

He then backs away from Ray sitting in the chair and stands in the middle of his apartment room a few steps away from Ray. His heart started to beat inside of his chest like there and been fireworks going off inside. Police Sirens play in the back of Jimmies head while he has this shocked and confused look on his face.

“You’re crazy Jimmy says. Ray responses “I’m crazy huh? Ray looks directly at Jimmy and says “Don’t you get it! Jimmy”? Whatever you think I do! “Whatever you say I do!…Jimmy, Im your best friend, Jimmy?….I’m in your mind. The cops have arrived at Jimmies apartment and knock on Jimmies door aggressively. “It’s the police! “Open up!….

Meanwhile at the Police station….

Officer Miller: “Hey boss I heard about a crazy case thats going on”

Sergent Bob: Oh Yeah” What is it?

Officer Miller: This uh guy named Jimmy Franko had two guys bodies were found in his apartment closet, with multiple stabs and blood everywhere”. One guy was from a food truck and the other was the actual owner of the apartment building.

Sergent Bob: Whoa thats something huh?

Officer Miller: “Yeah.. but before our men busted down the door they said they heard another name called out, his named was uh, Ray. So there were two men in there.

Sergent Bob: Yeah well? says while eating a donut and coffee.

Officer Miller: Well what?

Sergent Bob: Did they catch them?

Officer Miller: Oh no sir, they escaped……..