Blood Money

If the media is to be believed then Casey Anthony is attempting to profit off the death of her daughter for 1.5 million dollars. Her representatives are offering a post prison release interview in exchange for a colossal payout to assist in her efforts to secure restitution for a life she feels that was unjustly interrupted. The proposal seems disingenuous on face value but surprisingly her burlesque proposition has been met with great interest. There are some individuals that are willing to pay large sums of money to hear about a dysfunctional life of theft, deceit, and self-indulgence. The problem is this story has already been told. Tell us something we don’t already know.

Morally speaking, the truth never cost anything. NBC, ABC, and CBS must have come to the same conclusion because they have come on record stating that their networks will not pay for Casey’s story. Now this is a good look because it shows that her story loss its value the minute she decided not to take the stand in her own defense. If she didn’t want to speak when it truly mattered, why would she think we would want to listen to what she had to say now? This would not be a hard question for her to answer because she thinks that society has been desensitized by the everyday violence and the visual sensationalism that takes place on the news; combine that with capitalism then you have the making of a 1.5 million dollar offer to tell a story that has no merit.

Casey Anthony needs to be boycotted when it comes to profiting from anything related to her daughter’s untimely demise. No patronage for her interviews, books, or movies. The line must be drawn to show that human qualities still exist in humanity. As long as we keep our money in our pockets then we can send a stern message that her services are not needed and that our society has a moral obligation not to participate in the funding of indictable autobiographies.

1.5 million dollars can buy a lot of things but in this case the truth is not one of them. There would never be a sitting on the edge of your seat moment coming from her interview because Casey Anthony simply doesn’t know how to tell the truth. Anybody who would create imaginary people and bear false witness about their only child whereabouts is certified straight jacket material. There’s no way she should be rewarded for abandoning a precious life that did not ask to come here. God she’s confused. Someone had to lose their life for this to be possible so if anyone decides to pay for her services then the transaction would be for blood money. Now that is a heavy burden. Who really wants to bear that type of pressure?