Blondies’ Budgeting Partner

Today I had a very inspiring talk with my hubby over the phone. We seem to be having a lot of those lately, as I have stated before, this budget has brought us closer together. It has been a really nice thing for us both to finally be on the same page. We have gotten much closer riding in the budget boat together. As you all know, I have been having quite the pity party lately. The conversation today really helped me get my mindset back on track. My hubby brought up some points I really hadn’t thought of. I found them helpful, you might too.

I am focused on the goal at hand, which is to get out of credit card debt. I refer to it as consumer debt when really it does not end there for us. We also have his student loan to pay off. We also have 2 car payments. Now I have always said that car payments do not bother me, I do not mind having one. I am starting too though. When I think about the fact that there is so much else I would love to do with $600 that would free up, I start to mind. The school loan weighs heavy on my hubby. His college education has served us well and I am grateful that he has it. Fact of the matter is, we may still be paying for it when our children start college. Yuck! I have been so focused on the credit debt that I really hadn’t thought too much further. He brought these points up today. Usually a conversation like that would overwhelm me. It’s a lot to think about. But today, I actually found it enlightening. It reminded me once again why I am trying to get out debt. I had started to fall back into that deprived state. As we talked today the reality of it all set in once again. We, as parents, want to be able to help our children. We want to set a good financial example for them. We would love to be able to pay for our 2 daughters weddings and not go under having done so. We also would love to help our children with college or some type of schooling after high school. We are going to need money for those things. It made it so clear what we have to do. We have to get out of debt! We have to keep trucking on down this path because our future, and our children’s’ future would be so much better if we do. I am not saying that I want to hand them things. I expect them to work hard both physically and mentally, but I need to know that I can help them if I need too.

One thing I have definitely learned is that we have had to be in this together. We are raising a family together and we will get out of our debt together. You have to be there to pick each other up becasue it’s a long road. I am so glad for the talk I had with my hubby today. He really helped inspire me and encourage me to move forward with this budgeting as much as possible. It may just be that Blondie has a really great budgeting partner on her hands!