Blast from the Past

In the year 1991 the Sega Corporation unveiled their new system, the Sega Genesis. This was the era of the “console war” between Nintendo and Sega. The Sega Genesis was marketed as being the next level of gaming and a new character called Sonic the Hedgehog was introduced.

You would imagine my excitement at receiving this new system as a gift. I quickly became a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan. The Sonic games were fun, fast, and colorful. Since I went right from the 8-bit Nintendo system to the Sega Genesis 2, I could see a huge difference in the graphics. The Sega seemed like it was light years ahead of my original Nintendo!

While I did love playing Mario 3 on my 8-bit Nintendo, the games that were coming out on the Genesis were much more exciting to me. Some of the games I enjoyed playing were: Sonic, ToeJam and Earl 2, The Lion King, and Toy Story. These were all random games I received as gifts but, ended up enjoying a lot.

Another thing I enjoyed about the Sega Genesis 2 was the controller. It was much more hand-friendly than the original Nintendo’s rectangular controller. I felt like it was more comfortable to use and made controlling your character a lot easier.

Functionality of the controllers was great but another reason that made me love the Sega was that it was a top loading system. The 8-bit Nintendo loaded from the side. You had to slide the game in sideways and then push down. Often the game would not load on the first try. Also, the mechanism that held the game down over time stopped working from wear and tear. With the new top loading Sega, I rarely had any problems getting games to load. Also, even after almost 15 years, the console still worked with no trouble!

The last point I want to hit on is the shape and style of the console itself. The console was thin, and small and was also a nice sleek black color making it a pretty stylish little gaming system. Sitting next to my Nintendo, it certainly did look like it was the next level of gaming!

I have played many gaming systems over the years. Everything from the original Gameboy, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega, N64, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance, SP, DS, and Wii have crossed paths with me. But, I think I picked the Sega Genesis 2 as my favorite because it was the system I played the most when I was younger and who doesn’t want to relive childhood sometimes? Although my original Sega Genesis 2 has been long gone, a new generation of third party consoles has come out that allows you to play all your favorite Sega games. And yes, I have one!