Blaming Game

In the end, it was what everyone expected it to be… A complete dominance by the best pound for pound fighter in the world versus an aging hall-of-famer. We were all expecting it right? The odds at 7-1 is a solid proof. But why is everyone complaining for getting something we already knew since the fight was announced? Pointing our fingers at people who are at fault has been a life long hobby for us humans. So lets analyze this a bit further and play the Blame Game!

Mosley – Even though we know he would lose, we never thought that he will not engage Manny. In all 4 episodes of Fight Camp 360, he was certain that he will knock the PacMan out. Even his opening number with LL Cool was about knocking out Manny. What happened? He got “Pacquiao’d!”. The moment he got floored on the 3rd round, Mosley realized that he had no chance of winning. A common business principle says: “Do not promise what you cannot deliver”, but like what Mike Tyson said: “Everybody’s got a plan until they get hit”. After that crushing left from Manny, everything team Mosley has promised and planned for went down the drain. He touched gloves with Manny 35 times in 12 rounds, but was able to land only 22 Power Punches! WTF right? So can we blame him for it? Blame meter: 10%

Pacquiao – He has his reasons. He claims he has a cramp on his leg that prevented him from moving around like he used to. He’s not known for giving excuses, so we must let this one pass. But seeing how he tried to engage Shane after he was pushed (which was counted as a knock-down), he can at least make it a fight if he really wanted to. But instead, Manny was contended in letting Mosley go the distance. Manny is known for being merciful in the ring, specially when he feels that the opponent has no chance. He has high respect for the 39 year old veteran and did not want him to go down in shame. But unfortunately, it backfired. People want to see the Manny being a beast in the ring, and not the “Nice guy Manny”. Blame meter: 10%

Richardson – Simply put, he was not able to make his fighter fight. I think Nazim is over-rated. His methods are definitely unique, but they were never effective. What has he done to Mosley anyway? Aside from the Margarito win, he has done nothing! A coach should be able to asses his fighter well. And not being able to see that his fighter has no chance to win makes me realize he just wants another payday. Blame meter: 10%

Arum – Like most of us, Arum knows that Manny will win. Believe me, he’s not gonna put his prize-fighter at risk. But I’m sure he doesn’t know that Mosley will just come in for a touch-glove session. Mosley begged Arum for this fight. He was ready to risk his friendship/partnership with the Golden Boy folks just to get to Pacquiao. Arum should not be blamed. He’s a business man. His sights are on the profits all the time. Im not a big fan or Arum. But I know for a fact that business is business. Its all about the profit. If i can sell a peanut for $50, i would!

The Viewers – We should blame ourselves for being foolish enough to pay to watch a predictable fight. Blame meter: 70%

To sum it all up. We cant blame Mosley, he wanted to fight, but he couldn’t, specially after he got knocked down. We cant blame Manny, he wanted to fight but it takes two to tango. We cant blame Richardson, he’s a father who has a family to feed and wants a payday. We cant blame Arum, he’s a businessman who wants to sell. Lets just make sure that we learned our lessons from this mistake. Let us not allow the hype get in our system. I for one will settle for the replays or the after fight clips for fights that i feel are not worth it. Im a boxing fan and I want to contribute to the sport. But I want to get the entertainment value I expect for my hard earned money.