Blackberry Vs. iPhone

This is a debate many have had, but I am just fed up of. First.. I am an iPhone user, had a blackberry and it wasn’t for me. I personally believe that iPhone’s are better. Many people have made there statements on why Blackberry is better and I will respond to those below.

Starting with my Favorite:

iPhones are toys.

– Are you kidding me? First its people who are in there 20s telling me this. How old do you think you are?? its a toy.. its also a phone. If somebody asked me do you want a Phone.. or do you want a phone that at the same time as being a perfectly good phone, is also an amazing toy, with far greater capabilities, in terms of graphics and user interface? I would say the person who took the plain phone.. was either 1. Under the influence 2. 70 years old and not ready for that kind of technology.

(All these responses are catered to people who are in their 20’s in my university, keep that in mind)

Blackberry’s are for business (They usually say this after the first comment above)

– Your 20 — . You spend 90% of your time on bbm, looking if that person has read your message — THAT’S NOT BUSINESS. If your company gives you a blackberry then by all means as a corporate phone.. Go for it. Just don’t say its for business when you and your mom went to the store and bought it, and the first thing you did when you got home was post your pin to your fb.

BBM makes blackberry better.

-Because of the amount of people using BBM.. its a great service. The idea of instant messaging however is very real in terms of Android and iPhone world. I will agree however that BBM is a nice service and very well kept by RIM and is way better then any IM service introduced to iOS (Whatsapp, LiveProfile etc) . Not a game changer though. I never really understood the hype of instant messaging and being able to see if they have read your messages.. I could really care less.

All in all I don’t see anything better or promising within a Blackberry’s. What makes iPhone’s better? The hardware, software, Apps (that’s a huge one, and no blackberry app world doesn’t change anything cause you guys have maybe 1000 apps) Also the fact that the hardware is made for other uses other then phone and text.. its made as a media center and its user interface destroys blackberry’s.. Browsing on a blackberry makes me feel like the world has gone back 50 years. That’s all I’m gonna say. To be honest, Androids are amazing phones and if the app world for Android explodes at any point.. Ill be the first to switch.. Till then.. suck on my apple (iPhone that is) :)