Black Women All Alone – Explore Interracial Dating – Poem

Sports figures and the media have downplayed the black woman thus contributing to an increase of lonely single women. This negative image has also led to black women spending too much time sitting around talking about the men they don’t have or the men that mistreat them. They need to spend more time thinking about the men that do appreciate them and all of their great qualities. Some have even turned to overeating, anger, jealously and depression. Others have tried to make the changes that will attract the black man only to be used, abused and disrespected. They have lost interest in focusing on being that beautiful black woman that they are. Black women should widen out in their choices because men of other races find them attractive and can make great partners.

All races should be free to love and share with all of mankind. Everyone deserves to be happy. Find your joy and happiness in diversity. This poem is to encourage black women to recognize their inner and outer beauty and to open their minds and hearts to interracial dating.

Black Women All Alone

Yes, we are strong black women of color,
And we love and support our black brother.

We need time and attention just like the rest,
We strive each day to survive and do our best.

It is evident that we have been abandoned by men,
They don’t appreciate all we do over and again.

Is it our hair, our skin, our ability to be strong,
We struggle each day to look good and belong.

We straighten, weave and glue on synthetic nails and hair,
They pass by us as if we’re nothing, don’t even look or stare.

I encourage my black sisters to be natural and just be you,
Our black men are deceived and are quite confused.

It is real, we’re alone and the day has arrived,
Even our brothers aren’t helping the black woman survive.

Is it the novelty of choice that leads them astray?
Or is a just a new day and their minds are blinded by the white ray.

No, I am not jealous or envious of their choice,
I am just alone and am expressing my voice.

I cannot deny myself or even you sitting there alone,
All women want to be accepted no matter what the skin tone.

Yes, it’s okay to cry a little and sing the blues,
Just remember it’s the black man that’s going to lose.

We’ve tolerated a lot from centuries long ago,
What a crying shame our black brothers kicked the sisters so low.

Among men of this earth, we must go it alone without a strong muscle,
Take life by the reins, muster up strength to fight and hustle.

Our ancestors would be proud to know we didn’t crumble or take flight,
They would cheer us on to be strong through this tough fight.

Yes, black women are alone but only to a degree,
Our maker will look after us and one day we’ll realize we’re free.