Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) Review IX

Greetings. We are sitting on the cusp of summer and the promise of warm things to come. Recently, I reviewed a number of the tropical drink influenced blends from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) and it got me thinking. In this warming weather, there might be people on the look out for that perfect coconut scent. I know there have been many a time where I get wrapped up in one amazing scent and want to find all the variations. And a few years ago, I found myself on this very coconut driven quest. So, if you too are mad for the tropical nut, then you are in luck. Tonight, we are going to start our journey to find the best coconut scents out there. We will start with BPAL’s lovely perfumed offerings and see where we end up. So let’s start with two of my favourites: The Star & Obatala.

The Star: Scent Description: None

This is a blend that was long discontinued by the time I arrived on the BPAL scene in 2007. From what research has told me, it was part of a limited edition tarot series. I have had a few opportunities to samples a few of these tarot scents, and the Star is easily a favourite. Its blend is simple and always switches my brain to the “lime in the coconut” song. Because that is what it is.

In the bottle, it’s a bright, shining, nearly blinding crystalline scent of lime. I am cursed with a skin chemistry that will seek out and amplify any citrus fruit, sadly at the stake of other notes. I admit it’s a talent that leads me to generally avoid citrus scents. Especially when wearing embalming fluid yielded my roommate asked me if I had been cleaning (think lemon pledge). It was tragically sad to say the least. Though with the Star things are a bit different. The clear sparkling breath of a fresh cut lime has an inexplicable charm.

On the skin, the shimmering green citrus continues to pulse. Yet it does so on a backdrop of creamy coconut. This scent is smooth, rich and creamy but not overwhelming. And in case you are worried, it certainly doesn’t conjure imagery of suntan lotion like some coconut blends. This coconut is definitely from the nut. Together they mingle perfectly, and I imagine the pulse of the lime and the waves of the coconut akin to starlight twinkling down through the night sky. Now this isn’t one of BPAL’s characteristic morphers. Rather its simple and to the point, what you see is what you get. As it dries, the coconut becomes creamier and the lime perhaps blends into it a bit more. It’s a lovely, bright, high energy blend and stays with me through the afternoon. The Star is a fantastic blend. In the sphere of coconut blends, if you fancy some lime with your coconut, this is one to try.


Scent Description: Obatala’s ofrenda is soft, white and pure: milk, coconut meat, shea butter and cool, refreshing water.

As I review these lovely scents, I feel like I am maybe not telling you often enough about the wonders of the general catalogue. If you have had the same worries, the may they be allayed today. Because I am happy to report that Obatala is a member of the permanent collection, therefore you won’t have far to hunt for this beauty.

In the decant, my nose is treated to a strong breath of sweet, milky coconut. Now this isn’t a sugary mounds bar kind of coconut. Not by a long shot. Rather this smells like the real thing. It is as if, I have been swooped away to a tropical island and been handed a freshly cracked open coconut. It is certainly a meaty one, and is rich enough with the scent of coconut milk to make any Thai curry envious.

Onto the skin it goes, and the scent drives me wild. It’s still my sweet, milky coconut fantasy but now there is an aquatic note in the foreground. Its delightful, and completes that feel of tropical escape. The coconut is white and pure and the aquatic note makes the scent feel light and breezy. I am totally craving a Pina Colada now!

As it dries, the shea butter vibe pops out for a visit, and just adds to that lush creamy smell. Fabulous.

Overall, this is beautiful. It has to be one of the best summer scents there could be. This scent is pina colada without the booze, on a fresh breezy beach. It takes the challenge of being a coconut scent without straying into that danger zone of sunscreen perfume. Truly a work of art. So, if you are looking for a great summer scent, this general catalogue secret is one to give a try.

Next time we will continue out endeavours toward coconut nirvana, with two more fantastic scents.