Black Ops Zombies: Shi No Numa Easter Egg Guide

Welcome to Shi No Numa, the “Swamp of the Dead” in Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: World at War Zombie Mode. Once again, you will find many secrets hidden inside the map which first made its debut on Call of Duty: World at War’s Map Pack 2.

Once again in the zombies map “Shi No Numa”, you will be playing as the characters Nicholai, Dempsey, Richtoffen, and Takeo, who are the main characters in the Nazi Zombies story. The Swamp of the Dead is set in Japanese territory and was known for being the largest map in the popular series and brought many new features to the game.

Hidden Song

As with every nazi zombies map in the Call of Duty franchise, “Shi No Numa” also plays host to another hidden song by Elena Siegman who has a contract with the Treyarch Music department to make soundtracks for the Call of Duty franchise.

Head over to the “Comm Room”. If you have not yet opened the gate to the “Comm Room” area then you will need to do this and also open the door to the “Comm Room” Building. Head around the corner and you shall see a desk with a phone sitting on it. The phone is ringing!

Walk up to the mysterious telephone and hit the “X” or “Action” button 3 times. When you do this you will unlock a secret Achievement/Trophy and activate the Hidden Song by Elena Seigman.

3 Gun Glitch

This is really more of a glitch and cheat than an easter egg, and was purposely left un-patched by Treyarch. Not only was this glitch part of the game to many players but has become known as one of the best Nazi Zombies glitches ever. However, this glitch has been patched for the HD version of “Shi No Numa” on Call of Duty: Black Ops and will not work.

There are a few places to do this glitch and it is actually quite simple. Make sure you have enough points to purchase a Perk and the Mystery Box, then find the section of the map with the DoupleTap Perk Machine in it. This is the easiest place to accomplish this glitch.

To the right of the perk machine is the Mystery Box which you will need to open first. Once you open the box you will need to quickly buy Double Tap, then pick up your weapon from the Mystery Box before your character has finished drinking the Perk. It might take a little practice but it can be done in one try!

Peter’s Radio Transmission

So who’s this Peter guy? According to a few sources, he happens to be the guy hanging from the ceiling in the upstairs room that players spawn in. If you listen to the radio transmission you will hear Peter leave his last words as his squad fails to fight off the zombies. There is a lot to the background of Peter that we do not know, but we can be sure that there is more to learn through some Internet research.

There Could Be More?

The zombie mode story happens to very extensive and requires some time to research each map appropriately. According to many postings, “Shi No Numa” is based around an actual event that happened in the ’30s, known as the Tungusta Event,; a meteor fell to earth with powers to reanimate the living. There’s clues to this in the map including 2 fresh graves and a crashed meteor that is visible in the outside boundaries of the map!

Check it out sometime and let me know what you find. The best secrets are the ones that you can find yourself.