Black & Decker Bagless Handheld Vacuum Review

I have had so many issues with vacuums, it isn’t funny! Every one I bought tended to quit sucking well after a short time. I have returned many of the vacuums for not being as promised in the advertisements! Having a long-haired cat and a sometimes messy small child, I do have my share of messes but nothing that would break a vacuum like that! So after many disappointments in the vacuum department, I purchased the Black & Decker Bagless Handheld Vacuum for those in between times….the times that my vacuum had broken down again.

This is a wet and dry vacuum that says it can clean up wet and dry messes. Do not try this at home folks! Cleaning up wet messes will have the mess spraying across the room and back in your face! This little vacuum will suck up the mess but then spurt it back out, spraying it everywhere else! Who wants that? So I do not use it for anything that is not dry any more. It does the same thing a little with dry messes too but mainly with tiny particles like sand or glitter. For some reason, the ventilation holes tend to lose these small particles once it sucks the mess up.

The sucking power at 7.2 volts on this small vacuum is awesome! It picks up everything! I only wish my larger vacuums over the years had worked this well. Expect to be emptying the container often for larger messes though…it is very tiny inside. No bags required, just empty it out in the garbage and continue vacuuming up the mess. The blue button on top is pressed down to release the see-through container so it can be emptied. It snaps back on with ease. It comes with two accessories…a squeegee and a crevice attachment. These connect on to the end of the handheld vacuum, elongating it. I find this vacuum bulky and a little heavy at about three pounds. The long, thick handle is easy to hold and comfortable but the weight is not. People with carpal tunnel syndrome will have big issues using it! It hurts my wrist and I do not have that condition. The switch is close to the handle for easy one-handed use…the switch turns the unit on or off.

It is blue and white and does look dingy after a while. It has a small soft plastic loop at the end of the handle for hanging but it is strange as it will not hang straight! It tends to veer out from the wall instead of hanging flush with the wall. The charging unit sits under the handheld vacuum. It comes with the electric plug and cord to plug in the unit so it can charge up. Without a charge, plugging it up will NOT make it work. It has to charge first. Most jobs can be cleaned up with a full charge but I found myself hurrying as a full charge only lasts minutes at the most. I tend to leave it plugged up when not in use so it is ready to go when needed. The sound level is not as loud as a regular full-size vacuum but more of a whoosh sound as it cleans.

I could be happier with this item but the suction makes up for a lot! I love how dirt is sucked up without a problem. Of course the spraying of fine particles back at me is a huge issue as well as the charge not lasting long enough. I would give it 3.5 stars.