Black Days, Black Dawns of the Age of Treason

“Patriotism,” said George Orwell, “has nothing to do with conservatism.” Love for one’s country is not right or left; it is not the sole province of the poor, or the rich; and it can be expressed in different ways. Benjamin Franklin gave voice to the spirit of patriotism when he said; “We must all hang together or we shall most assuredly all hang separately.”

Thus it has become the age of political incarceration for the many masses locked up inside our penitentiaries by the will of those who rule our nation’s laws and prison systems. Telling the facts regarding such manipulation of our systems of laws is very complicated and although not really a popular topic for gossip or mutual conversations at the dinner table or anywhere else, the fact remains that much of these decisions to incarcerate men and women are hidden from the public and mainstream media. Today, in Arizona and many other states, the powerful elites that run government have dominated the direction and the fabrication of laws to suit their own needs and corruptive thinking. Everyday, they act aggressively against the interest of the good people of the state and succumb to the greed and power of the rich.

Their mission is misdirected and as they control government in a strictest and non-transparent manner, they are getting away with the most evil designed schemes to put people in prison for profit and personal greed. Using every trick in the book and every trick in the trade of politics they are in fact in control of the state’s destiny and unless someone blocks their efforts or changes their course of decision making, it will succeed in its mission to incarcerate the masses and build more prisons for profit in the near future.
Strange part about this movement is the fact that the people, those who oppose tyranny and oppression of all humans are standing still and not making a fight out of this movement. They have simply folded their cards at the poker table and allowed the political machine to take it all without facing justice or any rule of law that might indicate that they are doing something wrongful and deceitful to the state and its population. In the meantime, the state has been infiltrated by racist groups that are donating to the very websites that support illegal immigration professing their “patriotism” is their cause and “illegal immigration” is evil. They have and they will continue to operate behind a cowardly shadow of their form or tyrannical power and accuse those who speak out on their agenda as traitors to the cause to maintain a safe and secure environment for the citizens of the state as they spread the fear mongering message that the Hispanics are invading this state and they must be stopped.

Being brief and to the point, Arizona has been overthrown by a tight knit group of criminal insiders that have planned and plotted every step along the way to shift their power and balance of influence their way to gain access to these public offices and steal the elections away from those who’s existence threatens their every step of their plan to rule. Using the tools provided by the Congress on their war on terrorism, they developed similar plans to stop the invasion of their home state and conduct their own “top secret” missions to rile up the citizens and inject fear into every voter that foolishly believed every word of their message.

Through the use of elements located in the Patriot’s Act they were able to reverse the direction of our country and our state through legislative means and media control. Portraying themselves as patriots, they supported border patrols and building the fence along the border. They raised money on websites to fight federalism and subject their state’s citizens to new rules and new laws that resembled their own “war on terrorism’ but only confined to the state. Their investigations were skewed to inject fear on the many real patriots and created a string of events that showed that the state was indeed “under siege” of foreigners and so called ‘˜cartel” or terrorists” that came across the border and caused the crime rate to go up at an exponential rate.

Along the way they managed to control financial institutions and changed the way they did business to discourage lending to minority citizens making it harder for them to find reasonable financing creating a web of “instant loan” on the corners of every Arizona city block. They controlled the media and shut down any controversy by taking any media source off their list of acceptable sources to conduct interviews with as they created a list to prevent individuals from entering the Capitol building and controlling the police as well as the Sheriff’s office to control demonstrations and civil disobedience in the streets showing how the “radical” movement of illegal immigration has disrupted their lives and their safety on the streets. They passed laws for allowing more guns to be carried in public places and dropped those requirements for carrying concealed weapons on the street.

They created mass immigration-targeted propaganda and used their police style force to impose secrecy, and deception to keep those who knew of the plan quiet. Acting as two faced agents for the government, they coerced and intruded every household with their strong arm tactics and instilled even more fear into the hearts of Arizonians. The scariest part of this plan is the fact they have created many resources, and lots of faithful idiots or morons who don’t mind following orders.
So how can we break this chain of treason and return our state back to the form of civility that existed before these impaired individuals with poor social and political skills took office and upset the check and balances of state government. Needless to say it will take courage and mass civil disobedience in Arizona and the threat of spreading this disobedience to every state in our union. In order to get rid of these tyrants there need to be genuine re-call efforts with legitimate signatures and legitimate public officials declaring these documents valid.

To organize such a demonstration they will need to use the internet to coordinate their efforts and time it so they can impact the state’s resources at a maximum shot. The commerce community must separate themselves from the corruptive arms of the government and hold them accountable for payment when payment is due. The community must organize and stand together regardless of political affiliations or whether they are conservatives or liberals. In other words, they must ignore and their petty ideological differences and sacrifice their own egos for the sake of the state’s return back to sanity.

The most difficult part is the required participation of the bipartisan and patriotic organizations such as the VFW, the FOP and many more to stand tall with its citizens and the community to show solidarity and one voice. Those who took an “oath” to the U.S. and state constitution, the oathkeepers, must be willing to stand and defend in place to take back Arizona and reestablish by the support of the police, the firefighters, the unions and the regular citizens to bring these corrupt and greedy politician down to their knees and take back the state before they destroy us first.