Bistro Boulevard Game: Italian Restaurant Hints, Tips and Tricks

The Italian restaurant is the second level in the Bistro Boulevard restaurant time- management game. You must earn at least one star in the American restaurant level before you can unlock the Italian eatery.

Bistro Boulevard Italian Restaurant Seating Lay-Out Tips

The Italian restaurant in Bistro Boulevard contains two small-sized seating rooms and one medium-sized seating room, which is connected to the foyer entrance. I ended up placing two small tables in the first small-sized seating area, one large table and one small table in the second small-sized seating area and two large tables in the medium-sized seating area. I chose the Mediterranean style tables and paired them with the red high-back chairs.

Bistro Boulevard Italian Restaurant Kitchen Lay-Out Tips

The Italian restaurant in Bistro Boulevard has limited space for prep stations and appliances. I ended up placing three prep stations, two stoves, one grill and two ovens in the kitchen area. You have room on the left-hand side of the kitchen for two appliances if you rotate them.

Bistro Boulevard Italian Restaurant Decorating Tips

Wall decorations that I used to decorate my Italian restaurant included the wine racks (4 decor points each), valances (2 decor points each), marble fountains (6 decor points each) and the white curtains (4 decor points each). Due to the limited floor space, I only used the Ivy urns (2 decor points each) as floor decorations.

Bistro Boulevard Italian Restaurant Recipe Hints

Here is a list of the Italian dishes you’ll need to unlock in this level, along with how much it costs to cook them.

Bistro Boulevard Italian Restaurant Appetizers:

Bruschetta (Free): Bread, Onion, Tomato

Caprese Salad ($172): Basil, Cheese, Tomato

Bistro Boulevard Italian Restaurant Main Entrees:

Spaghetti and Meatballs ($190): Beef, Pasta, Tomato

Cheese Lasagna ($145): Cheese, Pasta, Tomato

Cheese Pizza ($165): Dough, Cheese, Tomato

Ham and Cheese Panini ($255): Bread, Cheese, Pork

Veal Parmigiana ($235): Beef, Cheese, Tomato

Ham and Onion Frittata ($225): Egg, Pork, Onion

Beef Ravioli Alfredo ($230): Beef, Cream, Pasta

Bistro Boulevard Italian Restaurant Desserts:

Dessert Cannoli ($225): Dough, Cheese, Sugar

Chocolate Panna Cotta ($290): Cream, Chocolate, Sugar

Tiramisu ($240): Bread, Chocolate, Egg

Cost for Unlocking Ingredients in the Italian Restaurant Level:

Basil ($125)

Sugar ($180)

Chocolate ($260)