Bisquick Complete Cheese Garlic Biscuits Mix – Food Review

A quick side dish to a meal of meat and vegetables is always an item in demand. One of the reasons why I love whipping up a batch of biscuits for dinner is that the leftovers work very well the next morning for breakfast. A few stray ones from an evening meal can be added to eggs and fruit the next day to create a nutritionally balanced start to the day. I recently discovered Bisquick Complete Cheese Garlic Biscuits Mix in the aisle of my local supermarket. Here is what I discovered about this Betty Crocker product.

I paid only one dollar and change for a seven point seventy five ounce envelope of dry biscuit mix. Not only did I love that price, I loved the tasty looking picture on the front of the package. The image of the large and fluffy flavored biscuit definitely whetted my appetite. In addition to the economical price and the enticing packaging, I have great respect for the Betty Crocker brand and am generally swayed to purchase this company’s products over another. All things considered, I was definitely confident in my purchase before leaving the store.

Getting the biscuit mix ready for baking takes only minutes and can be easily worked into the last moments of a meal preparation. After heating the oven to four hundred and fifty degrees, the entire package of mix gets added to a half cup of water until a soft dough forms. A medium size bowl works nicely for this step. A baking sheet then gets lightly greased or sprayed with cooking spray. Spoonfuls of dough then get placed on the tray, allowing an inch or so of free space between them. The biscuits are baked for approximately eight to eleven minutes, or until the tops are an attractive golden brown color.

Each envelope of mix contains six servings. One third of a cup of mix contains one hundred and sixty calories, with seventy calories from Fat. There is a total of seven grams of Fat, with two point five grams of Saturated Fat and two point five grams of Trans Fat. Those consumers who are diligent in watching their Cholesterol intake will be pleased to learn that this product contains none at all. Each serving adds three hundred and fifty milligrams of Sodium to the daily intake as well as fifty five milligrams of Potassium and twenty two grams of Total Carbohydrate. On the plus side of the nutritional scale, this amount of biscuit mix offers four percent of Calcium, six percent of Iron, ten percent of Thiamine, six percent of Riboflavin, six percent of Niacin and eight percent of Folic Acid.

Not only do these biscuits offer a nice boost of nutritional value, they taste delicious as well. They rise beautifully in the oven, with a nice crust on top and a fluffy base. The flavors of cheese and garlic work beautifully together and are not overpowering, but subtle enough to be appetizing to children as well as adults. I simply love everything about this product, from the low price to the simple preparation, to the very tasty end result. I definitely give Bisquick Complete Cheese Garlic Biscuits Mix a full five star food rating.